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How to create an effective recruitment strategy and practices?

The recruitment management software built on the Productive24 platform is a flexible tool that allows you to fully map the processes of developing scalable recruitment plans and conducting successful recruitment processes in the organization.

Hiring requests, candidates database, recruiting costs and expenses acceptance, candidate evaluation forms, notifications sent for both the candidates and the participants of the recruitment process, and automatic task assignment – these are just a sample system functionalities, that support hiring managers and recruiters with effective communication and filling job vacancies.

Importantly, Productive24 allows for creating customized workflows that fully map any recruitment process. As a result, the HR department does not have to be confined to ready-made, inflexible out-of-the-box solutions, since our application can be tailored to the specific needs of each company.

The digitalization of the recruitment process, which is our core business, was a main decisive factor for moving further processes of The Adecco Group to Productive24. With Productive24 we can fully manage the employee lifecycle in an organization.

Mateusz Bednarski
Senior Business Solution Specialist
The Adecco Group

Examples of features:

  • Hiring requests

    • Identifying and reporting hiring needs (internal and external) through generating recruitment and hiring requests.
    • Expense Approval Requests (e.g., advertising, relocation, etc.).
    • Processing the requests according to the adopted acceptance path (hierarchically) or based on defined parameters (e.g., salary amount higher than average, annual budget overrun, etc.)
    • Possibility to either modify or withdraw any request.
    • Automatic generation of the new recruitment process and sending notifications to the recruiters and hiring managers once the application is approved.
  • Recruitment process (ATS)

    • Managing the entire recruitment process from one intuitive view.
    • Assigning candidates to a given recruitment process automatically or/and manually.
    • Clear preview of the candidate selection process (Kanban board) and the authorized insight into the candidate database.
    • Easy drag&drop change of the recruitment statuses.
    • Different paths and templates for recruitment processes.
    • Automatic feedback after recruitment (send via e-mail).
    • Automatically generated employee cards, preboarding process, and onboarding processes for new hires.
    • Notifications (directly in the system, e-mail, and push for mobile apps) informing about completed both tasks and stages.
  • Candidate database

    • Automatic filling of the candidate database based on submitted forms (career page).
    • Recording new offers automatically in the register (along with the recruitment context).
    • Assigning candidates to any number of consecutive recruitments, with the history of those recruitments retained.
    • Possibility of limiting the processing of a given application for a certain period of time or narrowing the offer only to selected recruitment processes.
    • Candidate Relationship Management.
  • Candidate profile

    • A 360-degree view of the candidate’s unique information and the entire history with the firm.
    • Insight into the candidate’s evaluation results.
    • A list of each recruitment process in which the candidate was participating.
    • Secure storage of all attached documents – in compliance with the GDPR.
    • Possibility to share the notes and comments in the comments section.
  • Support for multiposting

    • Internal advertising – posting job offers to current employees.
    • Automatically generated e-mail templates consisting of a recruitment advertisement ready to be sent to certain employment websites such as OLX or Indeed.
    • Creating automatic e-mails with predefined content (taken from the template) while the recruitment process is launched and the appropriate publication option is selected.
    • An integration with an e-Recruiter platform (in progress).
  • Recruitment tests and evaluations forms

    • Possibility to set an option in which the system will ask candidates to complete the recruitment satisfaction survey and ask the recruiters to complete the employee evaluation
    • Creating recruitment tests in various forms that may include, for example, closed questions with/without allocated points (single and multiple choice), open questions, etc.
    • Automatic answer verification with the possibility of candidate benchmarking (reports).
    • Creating candidates’ evaluation forms based on various (predefined) templates.
  • Employee referral program

    • Defining the individual terms and conditions of the employee referral program and the job advertising, that may be subject to the referral program (e.g., for certain specialized positions).
    • Sending automatic notifications to the referrer, to the HR and/or the Financial departments, e.g., when the terms of the program entitling the referrer to receive a reward have been fulfilled.
  • Performance measurement

    • Setting required indicators in order to measure the effectiveness of the recruitment process such as duration, number of accepted/rejected applications, and sources (paid ads, free ads, referrals, etc.).
    • Reporting both the time necessary to complete the recruitment process and the expenses.
    • Conduct satisfaction surveys for candidates, recruiters, and hiring managers.
    • Generating both standard and customized reports and creating a necessary chart to present the data.
    • The platform allows for exporting selected data only by authorized users, in order to ensure constant and quick monitoring of the progress in recruitment processes.
  • Data protection

    • Compliance with the GDPR – the system allows for storing sensitive data securely in a central place. Access is possible for a selected user with the necessary permissions.
    • Personal data is saved according to strict rules, so while being removed from one place they cannot be accessed anywhere else (e.g., in the recruitment module).
    • Anonymization of candidates’ personal data right after the consent for processing personal data expires (automatically after a given period or at the candidate’s request).
  • Teamwork

    • Embedded chat enhancing the communication process – available in both WEB browser and the native mobile apps (iOS, Android, Windows10).
    • The comment section is embedded within both the recruitment process and the candidate’s profile.
    • Setting the details of job interviews – company calendars that allow for checking the availability of other participants, such as hiring managers.
    • Sending e-mail notifications and calendar events to all interested parties about the scheduled meetings. Possibility to book a conference room necessary to conduct an interview with the candidate.
    • Adding observers to a given process and granting necessary permissions to fulfill certain tasks.

Perfect solution for the large recruitment agencies

Apart from the automation of the recruitment processes in companies across various industries, Productive24 may be a perfect tool for digitization of the unique processes of large recruitment, outsourcing, or merchandising agencies.

Dedicated billing, customized reports, approval paths for clients, support for applicant tracking system, the possibility to combine the solution with the CRM software and other Productive24 functionalities allow to create comprehensive solutions that not only streamline the work of the HR department but also help to gain a competitive advantage for the entire company.

Learn how by digitizing its complex processes, The Adecco Group can now quickly adapt to dynamic changes in the HR field and deliver additional value to its customers.

Create your own business application ecosystem!

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