• Digital Compliance Platform

    A complete tool for legal and compliance departments

Digital compliance monitoring

The Digital Compliance Platform built on the basis of the Productive24 technology is a comprehensive tool that combines dedicated applications for compliance management in an organization.

The solution perfectly supports processes such as contract management, information security management (ISMS), collecting and processing of personal data, risk management (risk assessment), and whistleblowing case management. It is also perfect for many types of controlling, e.g. in the field of procurement, finance, budgeting, project, personnel, or in the area of ​​marketing and sales, etc.

The system also enables the effective knowledge transfer (in any field, e.g. information security, data protection procedures, etc.) including its cyclical verification (tests and quizzes).

Compliance automation

Risk analysis, whistleblower protection (secure communication channel), personal data processing in accordance with the GDPR, and building awareness among employees are just a few points that every Compliance Officer in the organization must pay attention to. Compliance support is currently crucial and requires the implementation of an appropriate tool that will fully adapt to the requirements of the organization, automating selected processes, while ensuring their transparency and data security. Thanks to this, the organization will be able to effectively manage compliance using one digital tool.

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Compliance software supposes to be tailored to the specificity of the business and its size, so the cost won’t exceed the benefits. Ready-made solutions won’t be enough. It cannot be only a system on paper.



Sample system functions

  • Cybersecurity Incident Management

    Creating and processing tickets for reporting cybersecurity incidents in the company.

  • GDPR

    Managing processes associated with personal data processing i.e. keeping records, consent management, risk analysis, etc.

  • Contract management

    Automation and full control of contract management e.g. creating and negotiating contracts, obligations tracking, or contract terms management.

What are the benefits of implementing digital compliance software?

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