• Productive24 Low-Code Platform
    We accelerate the development of business software

    Productive24 enables the creation of highly sophisticated IT systems for different industries – singlehandedly by business analysts.

One platform – multiple applications

The platform allows you to build global (multilingual), multi-module IT systems with any complex logic.

Productive24 works perfectly where the limitations of box systems do not allow to meet the unique requirements of customers. Productive24 successfully replaces (or complements) inflexible CRM, SFA, BPM, DMS, HR, workflow, project management or other IT solutions.

4 in 1 – web application and native mobile apps

Productive24 allows the user to quickly design and launch business IT systems that are available as websites, as well as installed native applications.

Both Productive24 platform itself and IT systems based on Productive24 are available in the cloud, in the SaaS model (Software as a Service).

For larger organizations, “on-premises” model is also available.


What is this game changer about?

  • Configuration instead of documentation

    Classic software development:
    Business analyst and system architect create technical documentation.


    Software development with Productive24:
    Business analyst creates system configuration.


  • Algorithms instead of programmers

    Classic software development:
    A team of 15 software developers (for example) builds the applications and their functionalities with a budget of 2500 man-days.


    Software development with Productive24:
    The applications and their functionalities are automatically generated by multi-platform algorithms – without programmers.


  • Available on the fly instead of after quarters

    Classic software development:
    9-months delivery time (and high risks of delay/failure on the way).


    Software development with Productive24:
    Ready to use instantly (without any risks).


Flexibility at every stage

Systems built based on the Productive24 platform are flexible at every stage of the product’s life, ensuring the possibility of rapid expansion of the existing system.

Built-in tools

The Productive24 platform is equipped with a set of specialized tools and functions that significantly accelerate the construction of business IT systems. These tools solve dozens of problems that architects and programmers of classic IT systems face every day, in each project. Examples of Productive24’s built-in tools:

The use of Productive24 enabled hyperautomation of DANONE’s internal processes, an agile approach to implementing new, customized IT solutions, an increase in the throughput and relief of the workload of the IT department, an increase in the efficiency of administrative processes by 20%.

Dariusz Radzimirski
Senior Business Solutions Manager – Commercial, Sales IT&Data CEN, DANONE

Undoubtedly the best start-up in the cloud technology

Productive24 platform has won IDG Computerworld’s “Best in Cloud” competition in the “Best start-up” category.

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