• Employee onboarding platform

    Create successful new hire's experience right from the start!

How to build a successful employee onboarding process?

This solution built on the basis of the Productive24 platform is a perfect tool for successful employee onboarding in your company. The application allows you to digitize and automate all onboarding processes in the respect of the unique requirements of your organization. Thanks to that, the adaptation process is quicker, the level of engagement and satisfaction much higher, and the risk of unwanted employee resignation is significantly minimized.

The solution is useful in terms of not only designing, automatically launching, and monitoring the process but also in terms of managing the entire training materials and measuring employee knowledge.

Digital onboarding at Agata S.A. – how to improve the employee onboarding process?

Why automate onboarding? When the process is implemented and managed manually, it can be very time-consuming, costly, and fraught with the risk of making mistakes. With the right tools to automate onboarding, you can not only significantly reduce the time necessary to prepare an employee for work but also improve the quality of the onboarding, streamline the work of the HR department, lower the turnover rate, and generate some major savings.

How to effectively automate onboarding processes? Look at the Agata S.A. i.e., chain, which decided to use the Productive24 platform for this purpose!

System functions:

  • Pre-boarding

    • Request automation – submitting a request to certain departments (IT or Accounting and Financial) in order to prepare a workplace for a new employee i.e. issue a new contract, provide necessary equipment for the workstation, grant access to the office (key card), IT infrastructure (login, password, permissions).
    • Improved communication with new hires right before they come to the office i.e. sending information regarding the first day of work, medical examination referrals, etc.
    • A new employee is automatically matched with a designated onboarding ‘’buddy” that from now on will be responsible for supporting a new hire during his or her onboarding process.
  • Onboarding paths

    • Tailored employee onboarding process. Creating individual onboarding paths adapted to a certain job position including their duration, phases, necessary assessments, tasks etc.
    • Automatic assignment of the right onboarding path for a new employee in accordance with his/her job position.
    • Flexible process of modeling all stages of onboarding (e.g. B2B) – customized workflows.
    • Ability to create a countless number of onboarding stages.
    • Setting deadlines for given stages.
    • Assigning tests and tasks necessary to be undertaken by the employee in order to accomplish a given stage.
  • Intitial training

    • Preparing and conducting any training ( e.g. orientation training, product or service training, compliance training, etc.) for new employees according to the selected onboarding path.
    • Determining the objectives, conducting tests and quizzes after given stages.
    • Generating declarations of acknowledgment (DOA), and certificates of completion.
  • Transparent data view

    • All onboarding processes are accessible from one place with possible filtering, sorting, and searching.
    • Switching between views. Managing all onboarding stages from a list, TaskBoard, or Gantt Chart.
    • Data analysis i.e. statistics, tracking the completion of each onboarding stage.
  • Settings

    • Preparing predefined templates in each element of the process.
    • Determining roles and granting access authorization.
    • Adding video content, images and any other attachments.
    • Flexible process of modeling stages of employee onboarding according to the group, job position, department, location, or individually.
  • Employee onboarding survey

    • Evaluation of selected aspects e.q. recruitment process, pre-boarding, Buddy/Mentor support etc.
    • Creating question templates and ready-to-use survey templates.
    • Assigning a survey to a given onboarding process.
    • Collecting and evaluating feedback.
  • Improved communication

    • Possibility to conduct onboarding both remotely and on-site (thanks to a native apps for iOS, Android and Windows 10), working online or offline.
    • Built-in chat – constant support for your employees both in terms of a given task or overall daily duties.
    • Automating the process of feedback sharing.
    • Supporting teamwork – announcements, brainstorming, comments section that can be embedded anywhere in the system.
    • Automatically sent to all participant status change notifications.

Create your own business application ecosystem!

Did you know that all the solutions built based on the Productive24 platform can combine, permeate and influence each other to create one comprehensive business application ecosystem? The tool for employee onboarding will perfectly match the following solutions:

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Create your own, custom solution which will fully reflect all your business processes.

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