• Absence management software

    Manage and record different types of absences and ensure business continuity!

Comprehensive online leave management system

The absence management application built on the Productive24 platform is a perfect tool for employees and HR departments that allows to automate and monitor the processes related to requesting and processing absences.

The solution ensures electronic document flow (employee holiday request forms) and allows you to maintain business continuity, plan the replacements and significantly accelerate the circulation of information in the organization.

An efficient employee request handling is one of the main pillars of the modern organization. Planning and reporting the absences using Productive24 has significantly optimized our work and reduced unnecessary bureaucracy.

Katarzyna Bochanysz
HR Team Leader
ARRA Group

Measuring the absence rates helps to adjust the personnel policy where possible in order to minimize the costs of unforeseen leave.

Karolina Karwowska
Managing Partner Dream Employer Hub,
Employee experience and engagement expert

System functions:

  • Holiday entitlement and requests

    • Holiday entitlement – automatically calculated limits on statutory leave and current update on remaining holiday entitlement.
    • Ability to select any type of leave from a pre-prepared catalog (the types of leave are managed by administrators and can be freely set up).
    • Automatically changed the availability of leave types depending on the nature of employment (contract of employment, contract of mandate, B2B).
    • Creating holiday plans.
    • Adding reminders to a certain holiday request.
  • List of holiday requests

    • View all absences reported by the employees (list type) with their current statuses and date ranges.
    • Data sorting (ascending/descending) and filtering by chosen criteria e.g., status, author, acceptor etc.
    • Creating advanced filters with the possibility to share them with other team members.
    • Processing a certain leave type – performing a specific action on a selected absence e.g., duplicate, add reminded, add to favorite, etc.
  • Workflow

    • Efficient approval process for pending requests.
    • Setting any approval path for a certain type of absence.
    • Granting necessary authorization – only authorized users can accept certain types of requests.
    • Adding acceptors and observers.
    • Monitoring the request status.
  • Absence calendar

    • A shared view of all reported leaves (calendar view) – sorting, filtering, and searching for a certain position in accordance with granted permissions.
    • List of planned absences including plans, holidays, sick leaves, or business travels.
    • View of the absences of other team members or departments, and branches in various locations (including international ones).
    • Automatic calculation of working days based on the company’s calendar.
  • Backfilling and replacements

    • The flexibility of the process – the process path is properly adjusted, and necessary changes are made each time a process participant reports an absence.
    • Possibility to select a person that will replace an employee during his or her absence while creating a holiday request (possible only for selected roles in key processes).
    • Shared view of all absences as a key factor that streamlines the planning of a given process.
    • Automatically generated notifications of an emerging absence that may affect the continuity of the process.
  • Comments and notifications

    • Flexible notification system (e-mail, push, system), notifications created and send after a certain action is performed e.g., submitting a holiday request, request approval.
    • Conducting multithreaded discussions thanks to any number of nested replies.
    • Comprehensive text and image editor.
    • The comments section successfully replacing e-mail communication, with its ability to share comments anywhere in the system and save discussions contextually.
  • Data import and export

    • Importing data from a payroll system – importing flat files or via API (integration e.g. with Teta HR or Comarch Optima).
    • Exporting data – authorized users can export the data in a selected formats (e.g. .xls, .csv, .pdf).
  • Reports and statistics

    Presenting aggregated data in a dynamic way using many different graphic views and selected formats:

    • Gantt Charts.
    • Task Boards (Kanban Board).
    • Tables and lists.
    • Charts (bar, line, pie etc.).
    • Customized reports.
  • Mobile app

    • Streamlined process of submitting and processing requests anytime, anywhere.
    • Access to data both online and offline. All changes made offline are automatically saved and updated each time the connection is retrieved.
    • All functions are available both in the WEB application (online, RWD technology) and in the form of native mobile applications for Android, iPhone, and Windows 10.

The smooth flow of information with electronic holiday requests

Holiday requests are one of the most frequently submitted personnel requests. The automation of creating and processing the requests helps to significantly increase the HR department’s efficiency, decrease employee absenteeism, improve the communication between HR and employees and reduce the number of paper documents – supporting the paperless concept.

Each request created in the Productive24 can be processed in accordance with a predefined workflow. Thanks to this, the time and the path are reduced to a minimum. Documents are directly forwarded to users responsible for their approval.

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