• Product Information Management (PIM) Software

    Improve the quality of data and keep your product catalog always up-to-date

Effective sales support thanks to a central source for all product information

The product portfolio management application built on the basis of the Productive24 technology is a tool that streamlines the process of expanding the range of products as well as collecting and updating product information. The solution ensures data consistency and standardization, thanks to which product specification is complete and error-free. The application acts as a reliable source of information about the products for the entire organization and its stakeholders.

Implementation of Productive24 has increased the standarization of our data and improved the process of introducing a new product for sale. The automation provided by Productive24 also involved our suppliers and enabled us to achieve full transparency and control in this process. As a result, we reduced time-to-market by as much as 52%.

Adam Szmidt
Senior Manager of Digital Supply Chain & Product,
Leroy Merlin Poland

PIM Productive24 means:

As a pet food manufacturer, we must comply with a certain number of legal requirements related to providing reliable product information. The process of product launching is operated by the Productive24 app. The solution monitors the quality and completeness of the data and delivers the knowledge about our range of products that is always up-to-date.

Magdalena Ołowska
Marketing Director
Dolina Noteci

Examples of features:

  • Creating a product request

    • Wide accessibility of the solution for both internal stakeholders (product requests for private labels) and external stakeholders (suppliers).
    • Comprehensive management of product references for both the in-store and e-commerce channels, ensuring integrity of the information.
    • Creating custom stage templates by defining parameters that consider organization-specific elements and maintain consistency in the product database.
    • An extensive product hierarchy that facilitates locating products within the structure, ultimately systematizing the assortment and ensuring the order.
    • Standardized way of information entering that allows for grouping them based on common parameters.
    • Categorization of information enables different departments to work with the data that is relevant to them, e.g. the production department needs information on product weight, while the accounting department requires VAT rates.
    • Attaching files in formats such as XLS, CSV, PDF, PNG, JPG, e.g. product certificates, visuals, label designs, or packaging.
  • Flexible workflow configuration

    • Creating unique process scenarios for products based on their type, position in the product group hierarchy, priority, or complexity level.
    • Creating diversified process paths consisting of any number of stages and assigning appropriate participants to them.
    • Defining stages with diverse characteristics, such as sequential (ensuring orderly workflows) and parallel ones  (affecting the speed of process execution).
    • Complex permission structure allows for reflecting the organization’s structure and scope of responsibilities for a given role in the process.
    • Smooth redistribution of permissions in the case of absence of an employee involved in the process prevents disruptions and ensures continuity of operations.
    • Flexible definition of statuses that determine the progress and completion of work.
  • Processing a product request

    • Clear status tracking according to the stage owner’s permissions allows for quick processing of product requests and monitoring their progress, eliminating chaos and unauthorized changes.
    • Change management in the scope of references, such as adding necessary information to a request, facilitated by the undo option with explanations, or suspending the process.
    • Multi-approval of pending requests based on a list of assigned to a given employee references, leading to a reduction in process time-consumption.
    • Measuring the time of completing a specific stage or the entire process, enabling the identification of bottlenecks, and further optimization.
    • Efficiency control through monitoring Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) defined for the process, providing an overview of the achievement of set goals.
    • Extensive escalation system that notifies increasingly larger groups of users when the request at a given stage is being processed for too long.
    • Automatically calculated profit margin for a product that takes into account other financial parameters such as purchase price, currency exchange rates, VAT tax, selling price, etc.
  • Product information repository

    • Central product data source that aggregates all information (current and archival), accessible from a single app, preventing uncontrolled dispersion of data.
    • Tracking the completeness of information through progress view that allows to monitor its readiness status on an ongoing basis.
    • Online product catalog with detailed information including product compositions, product indexes etc. along with graphic files (product images, label visuals)
    • Advanced filtering by various product parameters and creating custom filters to group the assortment according to specific needs.
    • Translation of content into foreign languages enables access to information for employees from various branches, ensuring that translated data is consistent regardless of the markets where the product is present.
    • Product view from the calendar, including time frame of the stages, e.g. product launch or end-of-life.
  • Product data management

    • Information management/Data enrichment: modifying, adding more elements and deleting them according to the assigned permissions.
    • Data versioning that gives you the opportunity to follow changes to the product and restore previous versions if necessary.
    • Elimination of duplicate content to keep information up-to-date, clear and of high quality.
    • Secure distribution of information across multiple channels that eliminates the risk of discrepancies or incompleteness, allows for rapid publication of up-to-date data and supports omnichannel sales and promotional strategies.
    • Online and offline access to information from both a web browser and mobile app.
  • Cooperation with stakeholders

    • Distribution of information within the organization, especially units involved in the process, such as accounting, quality, merchandising, master data departments, without the need for additional communication.
    • Adding contextual notes by stage supervisors to other users involved in the action in case they need to undo a stage or add relevant comments.
    • Comment section with the option to limit visibility to certain users allows not only to improve communication, but also to include the right people in the discussion.
    • Built-in communicator giving the possibility to quickly chat individually or in groups, create topic channels, additionally equipped with a graphic editor.
    • Flexible notification settings (system, email, push) allowing you to define standard notifications, such as alerts on pending references for approval, and custom notifications (escalations – the longer the processing of a stage, the more people receive notifications).
  • Reports, statistics and summaries

    • Multi-faceted statistics on product launches, its status and timing of their implementation, performance indicators, etc.
    • Efficient grouping and sorting of parameters based on which the statistics are generated.
    • Create complex and personalized reports and statements based on aggregated data.
    • Graphical presentation of results in the form of pie charts, bar charts, line charts, tables, lists, Gantt charts.
    • Export data to PDF, XLS, CSV file.

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