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The system for handling complaints built on the basis of the Productive24 platform optimizes the entire process: from the receipt of the complaint, through its consideration, to the decision and preparation of the response. The solution allows for flexible building and implementation of complaint scenarios that reflect the unique needs and specificity of the organization.

Complaint handling is thought to be a painful duty. The entrepreneurs don’t appreciate its importance within the context of Customer Experience. Quick and efficient complaints processing may be another element of building a competitive advantage. We are supported in this area by Productive24 app customized to our specific needs.

Magdalena Ołowska
Marketing Director,
Dolina Noteci

Automate Complaint Management with Productive24

System functions

  • Complaint templates

    • Complaint form with required and optional fields, that can be built and easily modified taking into consideration individual needs and requirements of the organization.
    • Automatic generation of request number with maintaining the continuity of the register.
    • Managing different types of requests (complaints, guarantees, warranties).
    • Defining the time needed to consider the complaint at each stage of the process, with assigning the person responsible for and possibility to select a person that will replace an employee during his or her absence.
    • Adding required and optional attachments (e.g. pdf, png, jpg, xls, csv).
  • Workflow generator

    • Process generator – creating various paths of the process with selection of decision-makers according to adopted criteria.
    • Multi-level structure of roles and authorization allow for detailed process control –  assigning access rights to data and tasks for single employee, team or department etc.
    • Defining approval paths for all or selected types of requests, inc. distribution of access permissions in case of absence of employee responsible for a given stage.
  • Complaint processing

    • Possibility of automatic distribution of requests to a single employee and the teams.
    • Grouping and prioritizing of tickets.
    • Monitoring of progress and preview of considered complaints.
    • Recording the working time at each stage and measuring time-consumption of entire process.
    • Automatic update of time estimated for completing the stages in case of delay (if a given process path allows for such a possibility).
  • Register of complaints

    • Aggregation of all information (e.g. channel, contact details, reason of complaint) that allows for precise identification of reported problems.
    • Tracking the progress thanks to transparent graphical view (taskboard, calendar).
    • Graphical presentation of data enables use such information for reports, summaries and statements (e.g. Gantt chart).
    • Quick sorting and filtering all types of complaints.
  • Reports and statistics

    • Generating reports based on specified parameters, access to archives.
    • Statistics of complaints – clear data set for easy analysis and use of any time interval, status (e.g. new, in progress, completed, cancelled) and other indicators – average number of complaints received from a given customer and / or per employee, average complaint processing time at a specific stage, most frequently complained (defective) products etc. and other KPIs.
    • Data export to chosen file format (e.g. xls, csv).
  • Communication and feedback

    • Flexible notification system (e-mail, push, internal notifications), that allows to keep constant track of progress and inform about status changes (e.g. stage of completion, return to previous stage, change of the person responsible for the stage, etc.).
    • Replacing internal communication (telephone contact, e-mail) by comment section, that can be added anywhere in the system (e.g. in case of stage that must be revised as a instant feedback).
    • Online and offline access to data.
    • Built-in chat, allowing for immediate contact and better employee interactions thanks to creating dedicated channels for group discussions.

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