• Business Travel Management Software

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Corporate travel management from initial planning to the final settlement

Business Travel Management is an IT system built on the basis of the Productive24 platform, which allows for effective planning and management of business trips and settlement of their expenses in each organization.

Record your work and travel hours, streamline the process of business trip settlement and share the documents with others. Use the mobile OCR technology to scan receipts or invoices and fill the required settlement forms – anywhere, anytime.

Around 40% states that they do not know whether their organization has a specific corporate travel policy.


System funtions

  • Planning a business trip

    • Creating drafts with the most important information needed to both estimate the cost and profitability of the trip, and to obtain approval.
    • Entering all necessary information, such as the objective, agenda, destination, duration, participants, estimated cost, and necessary advance payments or allowances.
    • The possibility to settle expenses as a part of a certain project, including its percentage share in the total cost of the project.
    • Booking company cars during the planning stage, available from the shared calendar.
    • Connecting the app with popular travel platforms such as Booking.com or KAYAK.
    • Supporting the process of approval. Various paths of acceptance (e. g. depending on the total cost of the trip).
  • Business travel forms

    • Automatic calculation of business travel allowances or reimbursements.
    • Entering current expenses by all participants. Attaching receipts and invoices also with the aid of mobile OCR technology.
    • Multidimensional cost analysis with division into the cost centers.
    • Reporting working time and travel time.
    • Automatic update of currency exchange rate according to the current NBP rate.
  • Settlement of travel expenses

    • Sharing the form, necessary to settle business travel expenses, with other trip participants.
    • Customized template designed specifically for a certain type of business travel, which can be easily used by other participants (automatic calculation of the daily subsistence allowance for all participants is made after entering the date of departure by one of the participants).
    • Possibility to add any cost documents by all travel participants.
  • Controlling of expenses

    • Automatic and intuitive process of the settlement of expenses including reported expenditures, allowances, and advanced payments.
    • Providing a comparison of planned costs versus real costs incurred.
    • Settlement of advances, taking into account the difference in exchange rates between countries.
  • Registers

    • Storing both planned and archival business travel documents in one central place.
    • A summary list of all projects with assigned business travels.
    • Visible status of the business travel, the estimated and actual cost incurred, start date, and end date of each journey.
    • Filtering, sorting, as well as searching for specific items.

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