• Employee offboarding platform

    Automate and improve the offboarding process in your company

IT system designed to improve offboarding processes

Properly conducted offboarding brings a number of benefits to the organization. Automation and standardization of this process help to avoid chaos and unnecessary complications.

The offboarding application built on the basis of the Productive24 platform allows to streamline all activities associated with employee offboarding. The solution ensures among others automatic clearance slip creation, conducting exit interviews, or succession planning.

The employee offboarding automation possible thanks to Productive24 helped us to collect valuable feedback, improve the quality of the HR processes, and most importantly allowed us to efficiently respond to any changes in the labor market.

Andrzej Sierpiński
Managing Director

Is it worth conducting an exit interview?

While conducting the offboarding it is worth collecting some feedback from leaving employees. It can be obtained both through an offboarding survey and during an exit interview, which will help to deeply analyze the reasons for resignation, measure the employee experience, and identify potential negligence in the organization.

Offboarding eventually forms the final experience of a leaving employee. Thus, an exit interview becomes the perfect opportunity to not only gather feedback but also to thank the employee for his/her work and say goodbye in a respectful atmosphere.

What information may be useful to collect from a leaving employee? Download our ready-to-use set of questions for any type of HR survey – including offboarding surveys.

System functions:

  • Workflow

    • Creating customized workflows for offboarding processes tailored to specific job positions and including required stages and criteria.
    • Possibility to create an employee offboarding checklist once the offboarding process is launched. The list includes all necessary tasks that must be done when an employee leaves the company.
  • Clearance slip and and acceptance protocols

    • Creating the templates of clearance slips with any number of stages, assigned activities, and those responsible for their execution.
    • Automatic status changes of either employee clearance slip, its selected stages, and individual activities.
    • Monitoring the process of recovering company assets. Establishing the steps required in the procedure, integrating clearance slip with the Productive24 ticketing software (e.g., to IT departments, HR, DPO, etc.).
    • Different data viewsg., presenting the list of employees for which the clearance slips were issued, and the list of compulsory offboarding stages (along with the responsible persons, statuses, starting date, deadline, and progress). Providing two types of views from the executor level and from the issued document (task board).
    • Automatic generation of acceptance protocols.
  • Exit interview

    • Building various types of surveys with any question layout and content (both open and closed questions).
    • Automatically assigning survey to a selected offboarding process.
    • Automated notifications. Notifying leaving employees about pending surveys.
    • Insight into the results of conducted offboarding surveys available to the limited number of users – selected groups or individuals (e.g., only the head of the HR department, direct deputy manager, supervisor etc.).
  • Succession planning

    • Designing and conducting any onboarding process in order to properly incorporate successor.
    • Knowledge base for collecting and storing knowledge, procedures, and documentation necessary to perform daily tasks and duties in selected positions. Possibility to require formal confirmation that the supervisor received all necessary documentation and instruction from a leaving employee.
    • Setting a certain list of offboarding tasks for a leaving employee, such as conducting training for a successor or verifying the status of the project right before handing it to the successor.
    • Talent pool – the selection of the successor can be done internally as a part of the talent management process by identifying the most appropriate candidate based on adopted criteria (e.g., results of the competency test).
  • Statistics

    • Identifying and measuring the main reasons for employee resignation or their layoff.
    • Providing detailed statistics with the possibility to export the data in selected formats.
    • Sorting and filtering the data.
    • Presenting aggregated data in a dynamic way using many different graphic views and selected formats e.g. Gannt Charts, Task Board (Kanban Board), tables and lists, charts (bar, line, pie, etc.).
    • Possibility to benchmark the data about employee rotation during certain periods of time and based on selected parameters (e.g. seniority, job position, etc.).
  • Employment Detail Summary

    • Providing a summary of used and remaining holidays.
    • Creating Total Reward Statement – the summary of rewards, bonuses, and other benefits (both financial and non-financial).
    • The summary of earned kudos – the possibility to provide the list of all employee praises given for certain achievements or events e.g., first day at work, work anniversary, completion of the project, promotion etc.

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