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The Productive24 application for vehicle fleet management is a perfect tool for entrepreneurs who want to significantly improve the entire process of fleet control i.e., administrating, monitoring, etc.

This solution provides a central register of vehicles (updated on an ongoing basis) with the possibility to book vehicles, control their technical condition, and report any major incidents or actions (collision, service etc.). The application ensures full transparency and control over the company vehicles for all employees, from a single place.

Managing our car fleet with Productive24 allowed us not only to improve and organize the process of booking vehicles but also to effectively monitor their technical condition, inspection statuses, or insurance validity. This is a major improvement for companies, that use vehicles on a daily basis.

Patryk Wojcieski
Data analyst and reporting specialist
The Adecco Group

System functions

  • Vehicle Register

    • The list of all vehicles available from the level of a central dashboard.
    • Vehicle information – model, registration number, validity of documents, possibility to attach a photo.
    • Reservation status – the information about current and planned vehicle reservations.
    • Vehicle availability status tracking (current usage, assigned user, etc.).
    • Filtering results – searching for a selected vehicle with selected parameters.
    • List of the equipment such as first aid kit, spare wheel, and car jack.
  • Vehicle cards

    • Vehicle technical data available in a single place.
    • Documents expiry dates – notification system to ensure the validity of required documents necessary to legally use the vehicle.
    • Information about the events in relation to a specific vehicle – upcoming inspections, services, insurance, etc.
    • Current user of the vehicle.
    • Automatic tracking and creating tasks associated with the maintenance of vehicles.
    • Assigning responsibility for vehicle-related activities to the selected employee.
  • Vehicle booking

    • Booking vehicles from the level of the shared calendar, including the duration of the reservation.
    • Assigning the selected vehicle to a particular employee in accordance with the agreed time slot.
    • Describing the purpose of the reservation e.g. business travel.
    • Archives (past reservations).
  • Reporting events

    • Information about past vehicle inspections.
    • Information about penalty notices.
    • Information about accidents or any other technical problems with descriptive or graphic vehicle damage reports.
    • Vehicle mileage log
  • Vehicle handover and acceptance report

    • Fully automated process for generating a vehicle handover protocol.
    • A record of all vehicle handovers, including date and hour.

How to improve your car fleet management process?

The Productive24 platform ensures flexible vehicle management for your organization. Tracking all events associated with the car fleet helps companies to effectively control all key deadlines such as upcoming inspections or terminating car insurance policies. What’s more, the data can be accessed anytime, anywhere.

As the platform can easily adapt to business requirements, companies can keep the process of vehicle reservation and maintenance neat and transparent. Key information collected within a single application allows you to optimize the entire process of vehicle fleet management and boost the efficiency of all organizational processes.

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