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The product management system built on the basis of the Productive24 solution supports the design, engineering, marketing and commercial teams in the process of creating a product from the moment of concept preparation, through implementation, to its launch and possibly, withdrawal. The application allows you to track the work progress, identify bottlenecks and control the timeliness at every stage of the process.

Thanks to Productive24, we are able to simultaneously implement more processes and launch a product on the market much faster. The solution ensured us greater transparency of processes, work schedules, roles and tasks. Now we can flexibly and quickly modify our processes.

Magdalena Ołowska
Marketing Director,
Dolina Noteci

Managing products in Productive24

System functions

  • Product template

    • Creating unique templates for each product and stage depending on its type and requirements of the organization.
    • Flexible defining of template fields according to selected criteria  i.e. mandatory or optional.
    • Setting milestones and their time frame for each stage. Notifications of status changes for decision-makers and other employees.
    • Creating customized product cards and information management, especially technical specification.
    • Grouping the products into lines according to a fixed hierarchy.
    • Attaching the files e.g. pdf, jpg, png, xls, csv. Possibility to download or preview files.
  • Flexible workflow

    • Building various paths of the process composed of defined milestones depending on product line or category.
    • Multi-level authority structure that allows to control the progress and eliminate the risks and threats – granting appropriate rights to users (decision-makers, contractors, observers).
    • Succession of authority in case of absence of employee responsible for a given task or entire stage allows avoiding delays.
    • Marking a stage as necessary to correct in case of irregularities or incomplete execution.
    • Distribution of information between different steps of a single process, which allows maintaining its continuity by eliminating manual data entry.
  • Monitoring of progress

    • Determining the degree of implementation of entire process –  assigning the statuses by authorized users.
    • Automatic time recalculation needed to complete the stage or process in case of delays.
    • Alerts informing about approaching deadlines which are sent as a push notification or e-mail.
    • Possibility to set up additional alerts assigned to a specific action.
    • Graphical visualization of progress as a full list of stages with their statuses that ensures transparency.
  • Change management

    • Initiating, making, verifying and accepting changes from concept to implementation.
    • Tracking each change in the process or product. Full standardization of activities ensures legal and formal security.
    • Defining components of a stage or entire process that are possible to modify depending on user permissions.
    • Transparent status changes – assigning customized tags e.g. accepted, rejected.
    • Versioning of changes enables to preview any modifications in chronological order.
  • Product catalogue

    • Product record including technical specification (e.g. product composition) and additional material (e.g. marketing material – label and packaging projects).
    • Translation management, from need to final version, allows introducing products to the foreign markets from a single software.
    • Knowledge base that gathers information about products form various sources.
    • Product archive including any information about products withdrawn form the market or outdated specifications.
    • Dynamic filters allow for efficient search of information with the use of specific data (e.g. employees responsible for a given stage, product line, product weight, EAN code). Possibility to save search results in the form of tabs, grouping them into specific sets.
    • Eliminating duplicate data by centralizing in a single software with real-time access.
  • Report and statistics

    • Multi-level statistics enabling in-depth analyses on the basis of which the decisions are made, e.g. progress in the process, number of launched products in a given time period.
    • Easy overview of defined KPI’s dedicated to the entire processes and users.
    • Creating reports in quick and easy way, based on selected process data, e.g. summary of progress.
    • Data export to a file (pdf, xls, csv)
    • Working time records of entire process, as well as a single stage).
  • Teamwork

    • Flexible and customized notification system as a part of communication process, e.g. informing about status changes within the stage or entire process.
    • Comment section replacing standard e-mail communication.
    • Instant communication via built-in chat enables contextual conversations thanks to thematic channels within project groups or departments, e.g. marketing, logistics, manufacturing, sales or design).
    • Improving cooperation of interdisciplinary teams enables to work asynchronously and efficiently regardless complexity of the process.

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Productive24 supports organizations in implementing processes related to product management at every stage of its development. The product lifecycle management software built on the basis of the Productive24 platform is modifiable and expandable box solution. Productive24 apps can combine, permeate and influence each other. PLM Productive24 will perfectly match the following solutions:

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