• Digital personal organizer

    Improve daily task management and increase work performance

Improve self-management at work and support reaching organizational goals

A Digital Personal Organizer is a flexible tool built on the basis of the Productive24 platform, which thanks to an individual approach towards managing and processing the information allows you to quickly and effectively plan your working time and manage all tasks. Thus, you can easily create tasks in the calendar, set up priorities, notifications, and notes.

Control your progress and goals. Find out more about how to effectively manage your time.

Task planning and information management

Productive24 allows for presenting any information in a chosen form, e.g., in the form of a note, task, calendar event etc. Those objects can interact with each other so that any information can initiate any process or influence an existing one.

Centralized digital information management, time management, task management available in Productive24, allows you to reduce the number of applications that increase productivity, such as Evernote, OneNote, etc. to a single, complex IT solution.

System functions

  • Categories of information

    • Categorizing and tagging given objects, while placing them on lists presented in various forms, e.g. as a calendar event, task or note.
    • Adding new categories with assigned marks, i.e. type, color, and icon.
    • Adding descriptions of the selected category.
    • Assigning default executors.
    • Filtering, searching, and sorting selected tasks.
  • Calendar

    • Creating calendar events, both one-time or cyclical, visible only on a selected calendar chosen by the author e.g. private, public, team, etc.
    • Creating any type of calendar with the possibility of grouping them.
    • Sharing events with other participants. Import the event directly into the calendars of attendees.
    • Possibility to add an event to the company calendar without displaying some details. Thus, the event is visible simply as the unavailability of the employee.
    • The schedule views including all replacements for absent employees and send notifications of upcoming deadlines.
  • Task management

    • Creating any tasks visible to the selected group of users, both in the calendar and on the task board.
    • Creating virtual rooms for meetings.
    • Creating a personal to-do list.
    • Adding observers to a given task.
    • Granting authorizations based on the hierarchy of the organization.
    • Resource booking (equipment/car/conference rooms) from the task/event level after checking the resource availability calendar.
    • Possibility to add an optional checklist. The task can be completed only if all points of the list are completed.
    • Possibility to attach any files.
    • Automatic start of the process after all tasks are completed.
    • Recording working time and expenses within tasks.
    • Automatically created tasks as a result of ticket submission made in other modules.
  • Notifications

    • Flexible notifying system – e-mail, push (available on mobile devices), system.
    • Notifications sent either automatically by the system or triggered by the user.
    • Notifying users internally on a platform that automatically aggregates contextual notifications. Filtering by category.
    • Event notifications – automatically added to Outlook, Gmail etc.
  • Communication

    • An internal communicator that provides the possibility of creating individual conversations and group chats with the history of communication saved contextually.
    • Creating virtual meeting rooms (VIDEO available ).
    • Comprehensive comment section ensuring effective group work.
    • Advance, multichannel notifications and reminders system.
    • Conducting multi-threaded discussions with any number of nested replies.
    • An advanced text editor.
    • Possibility to insert comments section anywhere in the system e.g. below documents, projects, tasks, applications, etc.

IT systems should simplify the implementation of projects, improve communication and allow for reliable control of progress (budget, time, scope, quality) and management reporting.


Business Apps Ecosystem

Did you know that all the solutions built based on the Productive24 platform can combine, permeate and influence each other to create one comprehensive business application ecosystem?

A Digital Personal Organizer is a cross-departmental solution and a part of our comprehensive Business Management Software. Thanks to its flexibility, the tool can not only perfectly complement applications supporting organizational processes (e.g. Project Management system or a CRM system) but it can also be easily combined with any other Productive24 system.

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