Evaluation of onboarding processes in the organization

    Gain an in-depth knowledge on how to effectively introduce new employees to the organization and how to measure this process. Inside the guide will find useful tips & tricks, best practicies and nearly 90 ready-to-use questions for evaluating different stages of onboarding!

Why it is worth taking care of the quality of onboarding processes?

Optimization and automation of key HR processes should be a priority for a modern organization. It is no different in the case of implementation processes, especially since if properly conducted, onboarding brings a number of benefits.

According to Harvard Business Review, organizations with a standardized induction process report 62% higher productivity of the new employees. To be fully effective, this process should be measured and analyzed at every stage.

The material includes answers to questions such as:

  • Why it is worth taking care of the quality of onboarding processes?
  • Why and how to measure onboarding processes?
  • Why it is worth to digitalize onboarding processes?
  • How to automate onboarding processes?
  • What to keep in mind when creating onboarding surveys?
  • What to ask the employees (nearly 90 ready-to-use survey questions)?

A free set of 90 onboarding questions to build your own surveys!

Thanks to Productive24 you will easily evaluate the following phases of onboarding process:

Effective onboarding

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