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TPM Productive24 is a tailor-made software for automating promotion management – from the planning process, through the entire approval path in accordance with the workflow of a given organization, launching promotions and introducing necessary modifications, to their settlement.

The solution enables the management of the unique, multi-stage processes carried out in all departments involved in the implementation of promotions: commercial, marketing, logistics, controlling and other areas, e.g. contractor management or advertising.

Productive24 allows us to manage the promotion parameters of tens of thousands of products from the DANONE portfolio. The solution improves trade campaign planning and facilitates the budgeting processes. Thanks to this, the process is fully automated and guarantees control over all aspects of promotion management.

Martina Smrckova
Profit Revenue Growth Manager,

TPM Productive24 allows for:

The implementation of data optimization and management systems will allow companies to avoid 40-60% of losses bore as a result of ineffective promotions.

Maciej Kraus
Partner at Movens Capital
Source: Brief 2020

System functions

  • Range of products

    • Entire assortment in one place: each product with SKU number, that helps to identify and determine the place of the product in the structure.
    • Register of reserve prices for all products.
    • Automatic update of prices and products ensures ongoing control of promotion data.
    • Multi-level grouping of products allows to maintain logical structure of assortment, add new products in an orderly manner and segregate in accordance with company policy.
  • Database of business partners

    • Customer base with list of product for promotional campaigns (in accordance with negotiated terms).
    • Hierarchy of customers that enables automatic selection and distribution of promotion terms within whole branch (without a need to manual assigning a product to each customer).
    • Grouping the customers, e.g. on the basis of size and location.
    • Automatic control of assortment assigned to the customer – promotional product list for each one.
  • Running promotions

    • Flexible, fully modifiable template of promotional campaign. 
    • Creating various types of promotions (permanent, short- and long-term).
    • Assigning promotion details and discount terms for any number of products at once.
    • Various methods of discount calculation for given products or customers (summary and cascading discounts).
    • Defining types of planned promotional campaigns (e.g. promotional newsletter, POS displays) and mechanisms for the promotion(e.g. 2+1, 1+1 50% off).
  • Flexible workflow

    • Designed workflows of promotions allow to adjust process stages to various sales channels, taking into consideration different levels of validation (mapping the hierarchy of organization and roles and permissions matrix).
    • Workflows may include notification system and escalation parameters.
    • Status update of promotions ensures the control over the entire process and ongoing monitoring of each stage.
    • Visualization of campaign stages – color differentiation of promotions on the basis of their status (to accept, accepted, completed).
  • Authorization management

    • Multi-level approval path that allows to assign the dedicated validator to each stage of the process.
    • Expanded structure of roles and authorizations enables to effectively manage permissions for data access across various users.
    • Ensuring the process continuity in case of absence of employee responsible for given promotional campaign or its stage – authorizations may be smoothly taken over and promotion may be continued.
  • Promotion management

    • Access to all promotions (planned, completed, cancelled) in one place.
    • Discount management (maximum frequency of given discounts and its value).
    • Management of overlapping promotions – automatic calculation of  the most favorable terms for campaigns which are carried out at the same time (taking into consideration permanent discount for each customer).
    • Change management of current promotions – instant corrections and modifications in order to optimize conducted activities.
  • Budgeting

    • Setting business goals for promotional campaigns (profit maximization, sales growth, increase in market share) and time-frame for promotion budgets.
    • Flexible budget structure, taking into account the division into product lines, stages of product lifecycle, product categories, departments, retailers, stores, regions, expenditure categories.
    • Developing budgets (total, partial) and assigning them to specific campaigns.
    • Overview of planned budget and possibility to compare it with actual one in order to optimize the costs for future promotional campaign costs.
  • Forecasting

    • Turnover estimation of all and selected promotional campaigns at any time horizon.
    • Automatic forecasting of profits and costs of a given promotion with modified baseline indicators (automatic calculation).
    • Estimation of future trends with regard to promotional campaigns on the basis of historical data.
    • Creating scenarios, estimating their probability and evaluating the best solutions.
  • Expenditures and settlements

    • Built-in spreadsheet that enables i.a. dynamic price and discount fixing and automatic selection of trade terms for each customer.
    • Selection of invoicing methods, including trade terms for each customer or customer group.
    • Authorisation of expenditure (according to validation path).
  • Data analysis

    • Access to historical data, on the basis of which the list of current promotions and their efficiency is prepared.
    • Overview of performance indicators and possibility to define new ones.
    • Generating statistics based on data obtained from promotional campaigns (accepted, unaccepted, cancelled, settled).   
    • Efficiency evaluation of promotional campaigns and possibility to identify the most ineffective ones.
    • Estimation of opportunities and risks based on data of promotional campaigns.
  • Reporting

    • Transparent and intuitive summary view of all promotions that helps employees from different departments (marketing, sales, controlling) to efficiently perform their tasks.
    • Creating complex reports and data presentation in different views (Gantt chart, pie chart, line chart, bar chart).
    • Scorecard for each customer, summarizing all his promotions.
    • Calendar of promotions with view of customer, graphical visualization of product groups and schedule of promotions.
    • Export and import of promotional data to specific file formats (e.g. xls).
  • Security and control

    • Precise and automated supervision over trade terms of each customer (constant discounts, contract expiry date, contractual obligations) and monitoring of changes (without manual control).
    • Audit trail – system records information about any modifications and users (e.g. in budgeting process).
    • Alerts and notifications informing about progress of trade promotion and signaling the need to accept actions at a given stage.
    • Process automation ensures that campaigns start on time and are carried out as planned.
  • POS materials

    • Selection of advertising media and determining their percentage share in promotional campaigns, possibility to select invoicing method.
    • List and preview of POS standards for all promotions.
    • Cost calculation of POS materials (POSM) for all and selected campaigns with percentage share of costs.
    • Cost estimation of promotional material based on completed campaigns.
  • Communication

    • Employee contact list with their authorizations to manage the promotional campaigns (e.g. selection of retailers, sales channel and product groups) and filtering the promotions by specific parameters.
    • Comment section with possibility to add attachments (text and image files), thanks to which employees can brainstorm and share information – without the need to use external tools.
    • Built-in chat enables multi-context discussions thanks to option of creating the channels for specific groups of employees.

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