• Productive24 was the only solution on the market that was able to reflect and combine within one application our unique multi-stage process of planning company goals with the perodic employee appraisals.

    Beata Bardoni
    Social Dialogue Manager
    Provident Polska
  • Productive24 gives us the possibility of almost unlimited modifications and adding new functions – we have full freedom in terms of what we want to add and measure on the platform.

    Wojciech Dendys
    Customer Business Development Manager
    Customer Marketing Department, Maspex Group
  • Dedicated applications built in Productive24 are continually implemented in the new business areas and subsequent entities of the DANONE group of companies.

    Dariusz Radzimirski
    Senior Business Solutions Manager
    Commercial, Sales IT&Data CEN, DANONE

Productive24 digitizes processes at:

We build digital advantage of companies from all industries

Productive24 applications in the area of human resources management, project management, organisation, and other – including dedicated systems reflecting individual company processes – are used by institutions and companies from almost all industries.

Examples of Productive24 deployments:

  • Leroy Merlin
  • Provident
  • Danone
  • Adecco
  • Herbapol
  • Agata S.A.
  • Leroy Merlin

    Digital transformation in Leroy Merlin

    Leroy Merlin is one of the leading DIY store chains in Poland, with more than 70 large-format stores and more than 35 million customers a year.

    Client challenges: Leroy Merlin was looking for a technology to automate one of their key operational processes associated with a new product launch.

    Our solution: A modern B2B platform for Leroy Merlin and its suppliers (around 1,000 companies) build in Productive24. The solution streamlines and automates the complex process of product information management and new product launch. What’s more, it is integrated with key all IT systems at Leroy Merlin.

    KPI: 50% – shorter time for launching new products  | 180, 000 – eliminating a manual mailing of around 180, 000 emails per year  | 100% – ensuring 100% business continuity.

  • Provident


    Provident Polska S.A is a part of the International Personal Finance (IPF) group and the leader in the Polish Payday Loans market with more than 4 million customers and with over 90% level of satisfaction with provided services.

    Client challenges: Provident Polska S.A. was looking for an HR solution to automate and streamline the process of conducting performance appraisals in accordance with its unique and well-defined requirements. The system was to provide efficient management of multi-stage processes of objective planning and periodic evaluations from a single application.

    Our solution: The implementation of the flexible IT solution build in Productive24, which automated key processes as well as ensured quick and convenient insight into data and the progress of each stage of the process. The software is fully scalable, guarantees easy and intuitive support, ensures data security, and has possibilities for further expansion and modification.

  • Danone

    Managing the terms and conditions of cooperation with retail chains

    DANONE Group is a global market leader in essential dairy and plant-based products, waters, early life nutrition and medical nutrition.

    Client challenges: The client’s main requirement was to implement the IT solution to comprehensively carry out unique processes in the area of trade terms management. The software was to map the complex business logic of DANONE Group processes, including those associated with recording and processing contracts and their main components.

    Our solution: Customized IT software for trade terms management, build on the basis of the Productive24 platform. The application guaranteed automation, transparency, and control of key client processes. Moreover, it ensures security and flexibility in terms of its future modifications and expansion.

  • Adecco

    HR Digitization in the Adecco Group

    Adecco is the industry leader in Human Resources services. The company operates in more than 60 countries, provides its services to around 100,000 clients, and has been recognized among Top 10 World’s Best Employers.

    Client challenges: Adecco Group was looking for a solution to quickly and effectively digitize complex and unique HR processes, ensure full control over the data and successfully streamline the daily work of branch leaders.

    Our solution: Providing a customized tool to simultaneously digitize multiple business areas of the group such as managing complex organizational structure, unique recruitment processes, internal communication, electronic document flow (EDF), records and device or fleet management, employee pre-boarding, onboarding, and much more.

  • Herbapol


    Herbapol S.A. is a well-known brand that employs nearly half a thousand people and specializes in processing herbs and manufacturing food, medical and cosmetic products.

    Client challenges: The company notices the raising need for implementing the IT solution to map its complex processes of trade promotion management in both traditional and modern channels. The Client expected the process to be systematized, automated, and accelerated with the use of technology.

    Our solution: Providing Productive24 software reflecting dedicated business processes in terms of planning trade promotions in Herbapol S.A. The solution not only facilitates activities associated with controlling trade processes but also offers huge support for teamwork.

  • Agata S.A.

    Employee onboarding software

    Agata S.A. is one of the leading furniture and interior design accessories provider.  The company owns more than 30 big-box stores across the country, offering wares of more than 250 different manufacturers from Poland and abroad.

    Client challenges: The main need of a client was to implement a digital solution to comprehensively create and process unique employee onboarding processes. The software supposed to reflect complex organizational hierarchy and the logic of Agata S.A’s onboarding processes, but most importantly to streamline and standardize their execution.

    Our solution: Dedicated, tailor-made software for creating, managing, and executing employee onboarding processes, which thanks to Productive24’s expansion capabilities, has been further expanded with useful L&D functionalities.

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