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A single IT solution for multiple functional areas of business

The set of business tools for effective business management, built on the Productive24 platform, allows companies to comprehensively manage each administrative and operational area – from improving primary organizational issues to controlling and supporting key business areas such as finance, law, and other.

Each application can be either implemented independently (e.g. the app for budgeting and fleet management) or together with other apps, creating a combined, multitasking tool. What’s more, thanks to the possibilities of technology used in Productive24, the solution is fully flexible and can easily adapt to any individual needs and requirements of the company.


Sample system features:

  • Organizational structure

    Easily manage organizational structure including employees, contractors, local branches, and corporate groups.

  • Orders and purchases

    Managing the processes of both placing orders and purchasing in order to ensure full control over the assortment and expenses.

  • Budgets and expenses

    Planning, creating, and managing budgets. Comprehensive expenses processing.


Digital transformation of large enterprises

Every year, the importance of total digitization is increasing, becoming the most important source of competitive advantage. Widely-understood, digitization became a priority for many companies, forcing them to reorganize their processes and expand their existing work model to include the remote one.

How to gain a competitive advantage, and what are the keys to a successful digital transformation?

Achieve your strategic goals with MBO

Management by objective (MBO) is an effective method for optimizing a company’s current activities in order to quickly achieve strategic goals (operationalization of the strategy). MBO allows for increasing employee engagement and motivation, as well as controlling the progress of assigned tasks. Setting objectives is not only an excellent way to analyze the current situation of the organization, but it is also a perfect tool for helping businesses to make the right decisions and be better prepared for future operations.

The solution for the MBO build on the Productive24 platform helps to implement and execute policies based on managing clearly defined, organizational goals. The application systemizes and streamlines management processes, goal cascading, and if necessary allows for their modification. What’s more, the tool helps to set, monitor, and hold the team to account for key results in accordance with the OKR method.

With the implementation of Productive24, we centralized our IT systems, eliminated unnecessary bureaucracy, automated our processes, and gained a flexible tool with huge growth potential.

Katarzyna Bochanysz
HR Team Leader,
ARRA Group

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