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    Take your human resource management to the next level!

End-to-end HR processes automation with a single platform

Our modern HRM/HCM-class solution automates all organization’s processes related to human capital and human resources management.
The HRM system based on the Productive24 platform streamlines, accelerates and automates internal processes, saves time and resources, while ensuring a high level of data security and full customization.

The HRM Productive24 software consists of a multiple dedicated business applications that can be implemented either separately (e.g. onboarding or L&D module) or all together as a comprehensive HR ecosystem. Moreover, thanks to Productive24 technology, the tool is fully flexible and can be adapted to the needs and requirements of any organization.

Explore business applications that form the entire HRM Productive24 software:

Recruitment process management- recruiting requests, Candidate Database, different workflows and templates, candidate assessment forms.


Electronic document management system supporting the process of electronic document flow (EDF).

Electronic personnel files

Digitization and automation of absence management – electronic leave request with easy approval, team absences, company calendars and much more.

Absence management

Flexible employee onboarding platform – full automation of the onboarding process.


A flexible tool for creating any type of employee surveys, tests and quizzes.

Surveys, tests and quizzes

A solution that supports the development of employees and building the intellectual capital of the organization.

Learning and development

An application for automating employee appraisals – periodic appraisals, goals, tasks, competency profiles…

Employee performance appraisal

Comprehensive OKR tool to help with goal setting – define the objectives, monitor the projects, track the progress and achieve measurable results.


Digital work environment – the platform that improves communication, teamwork and cross-departmental collaboration.

Digital Workplace

A set of tools to measure and improve employee satisfaction and commitment.

Employee wellbeing

A solution that organizes offboarding processes and collects feedback from departing employees.


Create your own, custom solution which will fully reflect all your business processes.

Custom Software Development


Sample system functions

  • Organization and communication

    Support group work and communication within a team i.e. organizational structure, intranet (employee portal), employee profiles, announcements and news, notifications, comments, brainstorming etc.

  • EDF

    Electronic Document Flow – recruitment requests, holidays requests, invoices, the settlement of business trip expenses, OCR, advanced electronic signature, defining individual acceptance paths (workflow) etc.

  • Knowledge Management

    A comprehensive approach towards managing knowledge in the organization by introducing elements such as tests, quizzes, surveys, talent management, knowledge and procedures base, providing training, onboarding, succession planning and much more…

The new dimension of HR Tech – almost unlimited flexibility

The unique value of the platform is its ability to map any business processes executed in various departments and combine them into a single system. Thus, the system can be instantly developed and modified as the business or legal environment change. All changes are implemented ,,on-the-fly” without involving programmers (we build our IT systems with the aid of business analysts) and they work immediately in both the WEB app and mobile one. With the flexibility of the platform, your HRM system can perfectly catch up with the development of your department or even the whole enterprise.

The digitalization of the recruitment process, which is our core business, was a main decisive factor for moving further processes of The Adecco Group to Productive24. With Productive24 we can fully manage the employee lifecycle in an organization.

Mateusz Bednarski
Senior Business Solution Specialist The Adecco Group

Benefits for your company

Employee Journey

The employee life cycle and all the specific stages that an employee goes through during his/her career (e.g. recruitment, onboarding, development or offboarding) build their experience — the so-called employee experience. It is a massive work for the HR department and the entire organization to build as positive experience as possible.

By centralizing and automating all key HR operations, Productive24 effectively supports HR departments by addressing main challenges that arise at every stage of the employee journey—from the recruitment to offboarding.

Learn how you can easily reflect all HR processes that take place during the entire employee journey in a single IT solution.

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