• Tool for surveys, tests and quizzes

    Verify knowledge, monitor progress and measure employee satisfaction!

A comprehensive survey, test and quiz maker

This flexible business app is an ideal tool for creating and conducting any surveys, tests or quizzes (e.g. Employee engagement and satisfaction survey) at all stages of an employee journey in your organization.

With the aid of the solution, you can also prepare various tests and quizzes to verify the knowledge of your employees. They can be conducted automatically, ad hoc, cyclically or at a given moment (e.g. after the training is completed).

What can be measured with an employee survey?

Properly designed and conducted employee surveys are a perfect source of valuable feedback, thanks to which the organization will not only identify the areas of improvement but also successfully address all employee needs, increasing their engagement and motivation.

How exactly employee surveys can help in creating a friendly working environment?

Employee surveys allow an employer to track not only the impression created by the organization, but also the overall employee experience throughout the entire employee journey. It is hard to imagine building an authentic and engaging workplace without conducting surveys on a regular basis.

Karolina Karwowska
Managing Partner Dream Employer Hub, Employee experience and engagement expert

System functions:

  • Creating a survey,test or quiz

    • Selecting the target group to whom the surveys, tests or quizzes are referred.
    • Selecting ready-to-use templates (surveys, tests, quizzes) from the list prepared by the HR department.
    • Adding observers – users having access to the survey results but not having permission to access survey settings.
    • Ability to choose the person responsible for the question evaluation each time the survey is published.
    • Adding personalized survey introduction (welcome message).
    • Assigning the survey to a selected training process.
  • Question settings

    • Creating complex surveys tailored to a target audience.
    • Tag selection – assigning tags to the questions in order to facilitate grouping and searching processes.
    • Various types of questions – closed, open (with or without image), single and multiple-choice, Likert scale etc.
    • Determining the most important parameters of the question: scoring, maximum and minimum number of correct answers, answer range, optional answer fields, attachments, the procedure for moving to the next questions etc.
    • Question versioning – any changes made to the questions automatically create a new version.
  • Templates

    • Category and survey type selection – assigning surveys to a certain group of users or the entire department.
    • Setting a time limit for survey completion.
    • Determining crucial survey parameters such as: question selection mode (manually or randomly), questions order for each approach, passing score (for tests), number of attempts, deadline etc.
    • Survey summary: a thank-you message, test results and scores, and answers overview.
    • Template versioning and updates.
  • Publishing your survey

    • Survey, test and quiz statuses available in the User Panel.
    • Survey timer – a countdown timer displayed to respondents during survey, test or quiz completion.
    • Possibility to come back to a previous question to review or modify the answer.
    • Generating a survey summary, possibility to review given answers or (if possible) to retake the entire test.
  • Comments and notifications

    • Flexible notification system (e-mail, push, system ones) where all notifications are sent after a certain action e.g. publishing or completing the survey, test or quiz.
    • Additional reminder or notification set up e.g. about the survey deadline.
    • Complex comment section which can be easily embedded anywhere in the system e.g. within a survey template.
    • Conducting and saving discussions contextually to eliminate ineffective e-mail communication.
    • Conducting multi-threaded discussions with any number of nested replies. Tagging selected users.
    • Complex text and image editor (for image attatchments).
  • Reports and statistics

    • Tests statistics (number of passed or failed tests, number of attempts, the best scores, test trends, progress bar).
    • Customized test reports – verifying individual responses.
    • Data export – various formats (.csv, .xlsx).

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