Trade terms management system in the DANONE Group

    Download the case study and learn how the Danone Group has automated its unique processes in the area of contract management and trade terms management with our customized IT solution.

About the project

DANONE Group is a global market leader in essential dairy and plant-based products, waters, early life nutrition and medical nutrition.

The DANONE companies from the CEE region (Danone, Nutricia and Żywiec Zdrój) have recently faced the challenge of automating their unique and advanced trade terms management processes.

The technology chosen to build the custom software serving this purpose was the Productive24 platform.

From the case study you will learn:

  • How to automate contract management and trade terms management processes?
  • How does the solution implemented in the DANONE Group streamline the work with a large amount of data?
  • How to control the fulfillment of contractual obligations and to monitor the business terms modifications?
  • What information does the solution provide about the trade terms in force at the given time and how does it guarantee the audit trail?
  • How the unique processes of the DANONE Group have been mapped?
  • What benefits has the DANONE Group gained in terms of data security, standardization and control?

Managing business terms in the DANONE Group is an advanced process with very complex business logic. The Productive24 platform handled our detailed requirements with ease and allowed the project to be completed successfully.

Michał Kapica
Business Systems Analyst

Trade terms management

Download the Case Study and learn how the DANONE Group has automated its unique processes in the area of contract and trade terms management!