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    The low-code platform for accelerated delivery of advanced business application without software developers


    With Productive24 platform, advanced IT systems are delivered in weeks, not quarters or years


    Multiple IT solutions – a single business application ecosystem. One login, one interface – all processes


    Out-of-the-box solutions adapted to the specific needs, or IT systems built from scratch


    Working online and offline – web application and native mobile apps as standard

Productive24 – technology for the total digitization

Productive24 is a low-code / no-code platform that enables the creation of highly sophisticated, global (multilingual) and multi-module IT systems singlehandedly by business analysts – without software developers.

Productive24 digitizes processes at:

Predefined applications for swift deployments

With Productive24 creating new IT applications is very fast, simple, and effective. As a result, the platform offers a growing collection of predefined solutions and new functionalities that can be made available off-the-shelf.

Most importantly, all of these solutions can be fully tailored to the specific needs of each organization.

Advanced, tailor-made software available in just a few weeks

You haven’t found on the market a ready-made solution that meets your requirements? You’re in the right place! By outsourcing the building of a custom software to us you can be sure that you will receive a system fully tailored to your needs – quickly and without risk.

Ecosystem – all applications in one solution

All applications and modules built in Productive24 – both ready-made (“box”) and created from scratch – can freely combine and permeate each other, resulting in a massive synergy of data and processes in the organization.

Regardless of the specific of the process automated with Productive24 (whether it applies to promotional campaigns management, human resources management, service desk, project management or any other), the platform provides a single, coherent ecosystem of applications. From the end-user perspective, various Productive24 solutions are available in one intuitive application – without having to switch between multiple systems.

  • Productive24 meets all rigorous requirements of DANONE Group in terms of the security, flexibility and operational reliability. When there is a need to digitize an area or a process, we first think about using Productive24.

    Dariusz Radzimirski
    Senior Business Solutions Manage
    Commercial, Sales IT&Data CEN, DANONE
  • We think of Productive24 as a versatile tool for business, that can be used both to manage the processes of our internal stakeholders, as well as enables the rapid development of applications that we need instantly.

    Wojciech Dendys
    Customer Business Development Manager
    Customer Marketing Department, Maspex Group
  • The digitization of recruitment, which is our core business, quickly expanded to the digitization of other The Adecco Group processes with Productive24. Thanks to Productive24, we can manage the employee lifecycle in the organization from A to Z.

    Mateusz Bednarski
    Senior Business Solution Specialist
    The Adecco Group

Productive24 revolutionizes the IT sector.

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