• CRM Automate your sales processes and build long-term relationships with customers

Lead management and sales processes automation

CRM Productive24 is a system built on the basis of the Productive24 platform, which by automating the work of the sales department allows sales teams to coordinate their work and effectively manage customer database. The solution automates leads, prospects, and opportunities management. What’s more, it streamlines the customer communication process and enables quick and effective delegating of tasks, monitoring their status along with an insight into all activities of the sales team.

This solution can be easily adjusted to the individual needs and can map the unique selling processes of each organization.

Thanks to the sales automation software, salespeople retrieve their precious time, and they are more efficient in serving current and acquiring new customers.


Customer Feedback – how to better understand your customers?

Feedback from customers is an invaluable source of information. Productive24 allows companies to collect feedback from current and potential (B2B) customers.

Feedback assigned to a selected customer in the CRM database helps teams responsible for a given client to not only pass comments, but also to quickly react to a suggested change. Valuable opinions may be automatically uploaded to other components of any Productive24 business application such as innovation management (ideas backlog), product management (PLM, Retail) or Project Management.

Create your own business application ecosystem!

Did you know that all the solutions built based on the Productive24 platform can combine, permeate and influence each other to create one comprehensive business application ecosystem? CRM Productive24 will perfectly match the following solutions:

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