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Agile goal setting with OKR methodology

OKR Productive24 is a flexible application for comprehensive management and monitoring of OKR (Objectives & Key Results), enabling the determination of objectives, their modification and enforcement. Thanks to this, the organization can constantly supervise all changes and take them into account when planning the strategy of goal management.

OKRs for large companies

Although the OKR method is mainly associated with smaller, agile organizations, it can be successfully scaled and applied to larger companies hiring hundreds or thousands of employees. The key to effectively implement the OKR in large organizations is taking into account local conditions on a global level – common objectives but differentiated key results (e.g. depending on geographical area).

Why is it worth using OKRs in large enterprises?

OKRs have helped lead us to 10x growth, many times over. They’ve helped make our crazily bold mission of organizing the world’s information’ perhaps even achievable.

Larry Page
Co-founder Google

System functions

  • Goal setting

    • Flexible template of goal card with predefined and custom fields depending on needs of the organization (e.g. new hires may be exempted from some objectives – their set of goals will be successively extended with the experience or they will pursue the annual goal proportionally in case of employment during the year).
    • Setting qualitative and quantitative objectives with their completion criteria.
    • Possibility of describing the criteria to determine whether objectives and goals have been accomplished.
    • Determining the degree of goal completion (goal fulfilled at the level of 90% is considered to be completed).
    • Possibility to build the goals grid that contains additional information, e.g. potential blockers for each goal.
  • Assigning goal plans

    • Setting goals for both individual users and selected teams or the entire organization.
    • Assigning OKRs to a selected project.
    • Assigning leaders and implementers, determining quarters, and providing other necessary information.
    • Adding Key Results in the form of a checklist.
  • Goal management

    • Cascading goals in accordance with the organizational structure.
    • Linking goals and their implementation with bonus system e.g. quarterly or annual bonus, etc.
    • Calculation and summing the bonus upward to the organizational structure and/or distribution within the organization in a downward direction.
    • Possibility to modify the goals during bonus period.
    • Data import, e.g. financial ones which may affect the verification of the level of goal completion.
  • Implementing the goals

    • Goal acceptance by the employees after getting acquainted with them thanks to dynamic forms assigned to each set of goals.
    • Employee profile with regularly updated general information (e.g. place in the organizational structure) and those related to employee’s goal (e.g. bonus system).
    • Insight into employee’s goal card by supervisors, depending on granted permissions.
    • Goal succession in case of personnel changes or longer absences of employees.
  • Progress monitoring

    • Automatic status change of the OKR after necessary action is performed.
    • Automated process of tracking OKR progress – percentage value of the progress (progress bar).
    • Searching, sorting, and filtering of all OKRs available on the main list visible for authorized users only.
  • Statistics and reports

    • Creating complex, personalized reports and statistics representing key results progress.
    • Presenting aggregated data in a dynamic way using many different views and selected formats e.g. Gantt Charts, Task Boards (Kanban Board), tables, lists, charts (bar,line,pie etc.).
    • Data export to PDF, XLS, CSV format.
  • Group work

    • Document collaboration in accordance with the permissions granted.
    • Built-in internal chat improving communication with the aid of both direct messages or group chats, available on WEB and native mobile apps.
    • Advanced, multichannel notification and reminder system, improving daily communication and operations.
    • The complex comments section is available under each OKR allowing for effective group work and a reduced number of unnecessary e-mails.
    • Attaching relevant files in various formats necessary to verify and achieve OKR.
  • Additional settings

    • Digital archive with history of goals for each employee or/and department.
    • Data validation that allows for automatic control of their correctness (e.g. correct summing of goal values).
    • History of changes with information about type, date and user who has made changes.

OKRs help to turn both individual and team ideas into a reality, increase employee engagement and focus on concrete and relevant tasks driving high performance.

Karolina Karwowska
Managing Partner Dream Employer Hub,
Employee experience and engagement expert

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