• Resources management software

    Ongoing support, maintenance and management of all company resources

Improve back office operations and processes in your organization

The office resources management application built on the Productive24 platform allows you to control all resources in the company and significantly improve daily work. The solution enables recording and booking devices and equipment, placing orders and making purchases, managing office space and real estate, planning meetings, and much more.

Thanks to a comprehensive approach, all resources in the organization are under control and the entire process related to their recording or booking is clear and transparent. 

The records in Productive24 allows us to avoid unnecessary communication and guarantee full control over the devices and other equipment, that we provide to both employees and contractors.

Andrzej Sierpiński
Managing Director

System functions

  • Correspondence and parcels management

    • Keeping records of incoming and outgoing parcels and letters (correspondence register) including both company and private ones.
    • Various shipment processing paths and some additional features (necessary signatures, information about the insurance, etc.).
    • Intuitive process of changing the status of the parcel.
    • Archive of all registered mail and parcels.
  • Orders and purchases

    • Planning and managing requests and orders for the organization’s internal/external services, fixed assets, and other office equipment.
    • Managing the list of services and goods available a for particular group of users.
    • Different types of requests and orders, priority, and deadline setting.
    • Automation of the order acceptance process based on given parameters, e. g. purchase value, applicant type, etc.
    • Purchase history and price trend of the ordered product as well as the automatic forecasting of expenditure.
    • Automatic generation of inquiries and orders.
    • Automatic exchange rate
    • Adding purchased equipment to the records.
  • Company equipment

    • Full list of equipment and devices, including their type, model, technical condition, and any other given parameter.
    • Creating the device list with selected parameters, e.g. equipment that is insured or purchased with the support of EU funds.
    • Booking company devices and equipment with the use of a shared calendar.
    • Visible device booking list with all necessary information i.e. person making the reservation, type or duration.
    • Setting additional parameters such as required insurance, whether the equipment is a fixed asset, assigned licenses and documentation.
  • Equipment scheduling and booking

    • Creating hand-over reports.
    • Booking conference rooms.
    • Booking company’s cars.
    • Booking any office equipment such as projectors, cameras etc.
    • Hot-desking – booking desks for hybrid workers.
  • Meetings scheduling

    • Accessing and comparing employee calendars in order to check their availability and schedule meetings.
    • Booking a meeting venue – supported by the conference room booking module. The system will display currently available rooms, and will send notifications to the reception (with the information about the host, guest, number of participants, etc.).
    • Creating events and sending invitations to all participants.
    • Various calendar views are available to users e.g. daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, annualy or timeline.
  • Property management and maintenance records

    • Register of company properties with their basic parameters, such as location, list of rooms, technical condition, equipment.
    • Reporting all failures and required maintenance repairs with the ability to monitor their progress (Service Desk module).
    • Managing and/or supervising people involved in property maintenance, e.g. cleaning staff, security staff, etc.
    • Maintaining the records and managing of all lease agreements and real estate contracts, e.g. monitoring their expiry date.

Managing office space during hybrid work

The change in the work model to remote/hybrid has affected the number of employees working on-site. Running an office became problematic as the demand for office space dropped. Many companies that decided to adopt new work models faced a huge challenge – how to effectively manage available office space to ensure that all hybrid or occasionally appearing remote workers are comfortable.

Hot-desking, or the trend for sharing available desks at different times on a first-come, first-served basis, allows companies to effectively organize the work for hybrid employees. Productive24 ensures the automation of booking desks, conference rooms, or devices. This solution will be perfect for both the employees and the companies that decided to introduce co-working spaces.

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