Dedicated IT system for budgeting, project and expenses management

    Download case study and find out how the Lublin City Office have managed to streamline its various processes such as project management, budgeting and expenses management.

Effective project management in the Lublin City Office

Project portfolio management is often associated with managing dispersed teams, working with large amount of data, running many initiatives at the same time, as well as performing repetitive, tedious activities – often manually.

The key to increase the efficiency of project management is to use a tool that will allow you to automate unique processes, as well as to ensure safety and transparency of activities at every stage of the project.

In the Lublin City Office, the Productive24 platform was used to achieve this goal (read the reference letter).

Thanks to Productive24 we have managed to eliminate insufficient spreadsheets. The solution provided by Productive24 has significantly improved the efficiency of our budgeting processes and ensured an automatic categorization of project expenditures.

Monika Król
The Deputy Director for Entrepreneurship and Economic Ecosystems in the Department of Strategy and Investor Relations
Lublin City Office

Project and budget managements

Download the case study and learn how to effectively manage projects and their budgets!