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Effective and secure employee data management

Digitization of workflow documentation brings enormous benefits to the organization. With the aid of Productive24 you can easily digitize documents such as employee requests, personnel files, and other vital documents in your company.

Digitizing your documents with Productive24 allows you to effectively manage all personnel files from a single, central IT system while ensuring full control and the transparency of all processes.

It quickly became clear that the plan for transferring to Productive24 such HR processes as communication, planning and managing absences, employee profile and e-files, onboarding, training, knowledge bases or employee applications were just the beginning

Katarzyna Bochanysz
HR Project Team Recruitment Leader,
ARRA Group

Productive24 allowed us to organize personnel files and streamline the entire process of collecting personnel data. We do appreciate the fact, that Productives24’s wide expansion capabilities guarantee us a quick and flexible adaptation of implemented solutions to our growing needs.

Agata Wypych
Head of HR,


Examples of electronic employee requests in Productive24:

  • Benefits management

    Benefits management – processing benefit applications and change or cancellation requests (e.g. sports card, group insurance, private health care).

  • GDPR

    Requests related to the processing of personal data, such as requests to give/withdraw the consent for the processing of personal data.

  • Holiday requests

    Absence declaration and the approval workflow for holiday requests (annual leave, casual leave, bank holidays, unpaid leave etc.).

The operating models based on the exchange of documents in traditional hard copy form are becoming not only environmentally unfriendly, but also highly inefficient.


System functions

  • Employee profiles and e-files

    • Storing a digital version of all employee documentation associated with personnel files (digitization of personnel files).
    • Personnel files contain the data required by the law and enable the documents to be stored in form of attachments.
    • 360-degree view – employee personnel file is also a central place for managing other elements of the employee lifecycle such as absences, business trips, contracts, training, competency assessment, onboarding processes, acceptance protocols etc.
  • Submitting and processing requests

    • Submitting and processing employee requests eg. holiday requests, application for conclusion of an agreement for operating employee capital plans (PPK), and recruiting requests.
    • Separate workflows and required attachments, depending on the type of employee requests.
    • Possibility to select executors (a predefined list of approved users) and observers.
    • Setting launch date and the deadline.
    • Blocking already accepted requests from editing.
  • List of requests

    • A list of all requests and applications available in a single, central place.
    • Requests’ access control for a selected group of employees (in accordance with the permissions granted).
    • Quick sorting, filtering, and searching by any criteria  (status, deadline, author etc.).
    • Possibility to quickly add new requests from the level of the main list.
    • Separate colors for requests with a certain status: terminating or expired.
    • Quick bulk actions performed on a list of requests, e.g., multiple documents approval.
    • TaskBoard view is available for all requests and applications.
  • Document templates

    • A set of ready-to-download/print documents (e.g. templates or attachments).
    • Ability to download PDF or print completed documents.
    • Documents and requests template management  – creating templates or various types of documents.
    • Multi-level, flexible editing permissions for a specific parameter of templates. Permissions are granted both according to the hierarchy in the organization or individually.
    • Versioning – document lifecycle control providing a full audit trail, and available archival database of attachment templates.
    • Posting comments and conducting discussion contextually – within a given template.
  • Workflow

    • Possibility to introduce a request generator fully adapted to the company’s specific requirements.
    • Individually defined content of the requests and document templates, as well as a separately specified list of required attachments (checklist).
    • Setting any type of the approval paths for a certain type of request; assigning executors, substitute executors (in case the main executor is not present), adding observers, and granting necessary permissions in accordance with company policy.
    • Setting a duration for both a given stage of the process/request or the entire process.
  • Notifications and comments

    • Flexible notification system (e-mail, push), send after a certain action is performed e.g., submitting a holiday request, accepting a holiday request.
    • Possibility to set a reminder with additional notification, or simply send an e-mail with a calendar event.
    • An extensive comment section that can be embedded anywhere in the system, e.g. within a certain type of request or application.
    • Contextually conducted and saved discussions – within a certain request application as a perfect alternative for ineffective e-mail communication.
    • Conducting multi-threaded discussions with any number of nested replies.
    • Complex text and image editor (for image attachments).

Create your own business application ecosystem!

Did you know that all Productive24 applications implemented in different departments can combine, permeate and influence each other to create a single, comprehensive business application ecosystem?

Productive24 allows you to not only digitize the personnel files, but also any other documents processed in the organization.

Process digitization and document archiving with Productive24 can therefore cover many areas such as HR and personnel documents (recruiting requests, holiday requests etc.), Compliance (authorization to process personal data – GDPR), Accounting and Finance (advance payments to cover business trip expenses, OCR technology for electronic invoice flow) and much more.

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Create your own, custom solution which will fully reflect all your business processes.

Custom Software Development

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