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DANONE with Productive24 implementation takes the podium of Best In Cloud 2021!

We are pleased to announce that DANONE's project of implementing custom-made IT solutions built with the Productive24 platform took 2nd place in the IDG's competition for the best cloud service implementation! ...

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How to support the well-being of your remote employees

5 May 2022
Karolina Felczak

Just a few years ago, remote work wasn’t as popular as now. It was merely an option – an attractive benefit – offered by the largest IT or e-commerce companies.....

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E-book: Evaluation of onboarding processes

29 July 2021
Jolanta Kozak

Are onboarding processes worth measuring? How to measure them? How does process automation help streamline implementation processes? Download our complete guide and feel free to use the database of nearly 90 onboarding survey questions....

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How to leverage and cascade OKRs in large organizations?

28 June 2021
Małgorzata Rząd-Poźniak

The OKR method is used by the largest Polish companies (e.g. Allegro) and global corporations (e.g. Google). Each organization can use it to increase the effectiveness of its operations and build stronger teams. The software can make it much easier....

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Talent Management Platform

Jolanta Kozak

IT systems streamline and automate almost every aspect of your business. But are they really helpful in terms of such demanding aspects as talent programs? ...