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Business Management

A set of dedicated business applications that enable effective and comprehensive management of each administrative and operational area of ​​the company - from the improvement of basic organizational issues to comprehensive control.

Business Management

Knowledge and procedures base

An application that allows you to collect and manage all content - the knowledge accumulated in the organization from one central place, providing unlimited access to the necessary materials.


A comprehensive tool for an HR department. The system consists of multiple applications supporting key HR processes – from recruitment to employee offboarding.



A perfect tool for recruitment processes management that can map any process, monitor its effectiveness, ensure data security and create a positive candidate experience.


Electronic personnel files

Electronic document management application that significantly automates the entire electronic document flow (EDF) while ensuring full control and process transparency.


Absence management

A tool that allows you to automate the process of absence management: monitor key processes to ensure the continuity of work and significantly improve the practices for managing information flows within organization.



The business application allows to standardize and automate the entire employee onboarding process in order to effectively support employees from the very first day.


Surveys, tests and quizzes

A comprehensive survey, test and quiz creator to effectively evaluate given areas within the organization, e.g. Employee Satisfaction, Employee Engagement, culture, or leadership.


Learning and development

A flexible solution that supports the building of a learning organization and provides the employees with the best conditions for the effective acquisition of knowledge and the development of key skills and competencies.


Employee performance appraisal

An application that automates the process of conducting employee evaluation (e.g. competency assessment, 360 ° assessments, etc.), collecting the necessary data in the system so as to quickly and effectively share feedback with an employee.



An application for comprehensive management and monitoring of OKR (Objectives and Key Results), ensuring full control over the process of setting goals, their modification and enforcement.


Digital Workplace

A set of business applications that allow you to build a modern, digital workplace by supporting communication, teamwork and the process of sharing knowledge in the organization.


Employee wellbeing

A set of tools to build a friendly and modern workplace that will significantly improve the satisfaction, commitment and motivation of both current employees and future ones.



A solution to automate offboarding processes, i.e. termination of the employment relationship that ensures both control and safety of the process as well as the possibility of collecting valuable feedback from departing employees.

Custom Software Development

Haven't found a solution for your business? Tell us about your individual requirements, and our analysts will build an IT system that fully reflects even the most complex processes of your company.

Why Productive24?

Any business IT software can be built with the aid of our platform. Productive24 is a perfect tool to not only fill digitization gaps that both larger and smaller companies encounter but also to map unique business processes. Moreover, the solution will be perfect for companies with processes scattered across different tools (ERP + email + excel + …).

Productive24 successfully complements any large core systems in demanding areas, where traditional systems are not flexible enough or simply too expensive to be adjusted to a changing company’s needs.

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