• Business Process Automation (BPA)

    Much more than a typical flowchart maker!

BPA solution that boost digital transformation of your company

Productive24 platform enables complex digitization and flexible modeling and management of any business processes within the organization (Business Process Automation – BPA).

It is much more than a typical workflow management software. In Productive24 all individual stages of the process may become separate business applications with their own logic and decision-making processes. Thanks to the applied technology, the possibilities to modify or expand the platform are almost unlimited.


Sample system functionalities

  • Workflow

    Creating any approval paths for certain stages of the process, assigning task executors and observers, determining the scope of data gathering and processing along with their links.

  • Permissions management

    Flexible management for all types of user permissions. Dynamic permissions granting, grouping permissions, versioning, as well as granting access to the solution to external stakeholders (e.g. contractors).

  • EDF

    Electronic Document Flow (EDF) – e.g. invoice flow (including OCR), creating and processing employee requests, advance electronic signature, business trip accounting, setting individual approval path etc.

Productive24 has been great at organizing our unique, complex business processes in marketing, co-packing, production planning and trade departments.

Anna Nikliborc
Commercial Network Director at Maspex
(leading company in the European FMCG market)

Productive24 allows to:

A new dimension of business process management!

BPA Productive24 is a complex tool that allows to easily map the unique processes of each organization from any industry and flexibly build a customized workflow for them. Thus, a single process can be executed in various ways, e.q onboarding depending on the occupied position.

In addition, all solutions built on the basis of the platform can be combined, creating a single comprehensive ecosystem of business apps. This will improve not only selected business processes among one department but also the entire cooperation between various business units. For example, the request to hire a new employee submitted in the HR department will automatically trigger the process of issuing new equipment (IT department) or the process of generating the appropriate contract etc.

With Productive24 we have completed one of the key IT projects at Leroy Merlin within just a few months. The platform meets all the requirements to become the first choice in developing customized digital solutions within Leroy Merlin’s corporate environment.

Adam Szmidt
Senior Manager of Digital Supply Chain & Product
Leroy Merlin

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