The new IT platform for rapid application development in the DANONE Group

    Learn more about how the DANONE group of companies has migrated their outdated Lotus Notes solutions and what have they gained thanks to switching to the modern budgeting and promotional campaigns planning tool built in Productive24.

About the project

DANONE Group is a global market leader in Essential Dairy and Pland-Based Products, Waters, Early Life Nutrition and Medical Nutrition.

The scope of the project involved migrating the outdated apps build in Louts Notes into Productive24 platform. As a result, Finance and Sales Departments of Żywiec Zdrój (part of the DANONE group) is now supported by the Productive24 in planning and budgeting promotional campaigns (read the reference letter).

From the case study you will learn:

  • What applications and processes were migrated to Productive24?
  • How was the project carried out and what was its outcome?
  • What were the benefits of migrating to Productive24?
  • How Productive24 enables the digital transformation?

The Productive24 platform meets all rigorous requirements of the DANONE Group in terms of the security, flexibility and operational reliability.

Dariusz Radzimirski
Senior Business Solutions Manager – Commercial, Sales IT&Data CEN, DANONE

Unique business processes

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