• Custom software development

    Unique business processes? No problem! We'll build a solution tailored to your needs!

Predefined solutions adapted to the specific needs, or IT systems built from scratch? Choose your best option!

Productive24 platform offers a growing collection of functionalities and modules that can be made available off-the-shelf (‘as-is’) and adapted to the specific needs of the customer. In addition, the platform also allows the creation of dedicated IT systems, fully addressing all individual requirements of the enterprise.

You didn’t manage to find in our software portfolio a solution that will help your business to grow? We will be more than happy to build it for you! Feel free to contact us so we can discuss your ideas and prepare a tailor-made application for your organization.

Implementation of business-class solutions, especially tailored ones, usually involves high costs, numerous project teams, and many risks of failure, which means that many projects do not go beyond the initial analysis phase.


In projects involving the Productive24 platform, the risk basically no longer exists.

Dariusz Radzimirski
Senior Business Solutions Manager – Commercial, Sales, IT&Data CEN, DANONE

Business analysis in Productive24

Business analysis is an inherent part of Productive24’s offering – it is the foundation that helps transform goals and expectations into a viable IT tool.

If you already have a designed process, we will translate it into a working IT system, and if not – we will help you to arrange it and then automate it properly.

During the analytical workshop, our experts will precisely analyze existing processes, identify potential blockers, and offer technological solutions, that bring significant business benefits.

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