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Business Management


A system that enables effective coordination of the work in the sales departments thanks to the automation of key processes such as management of sales opportunities and leads, team communication, delegation of tasks, tracking of sales representatives' activity, etc.

Business Management

A set of dedicated business applications that enable effective and comprehensive management of each administrative and operational area of ​​the company - from the improvement of basic organizational issues to comprehensive control.

Business Management

Office resources management

Ongoing control of all resources in the organization. Registry of devices, company equipment and accessories. Possibility to book selected resources, place orders, make purchases, manage real estate and schedule meetings.

Business Management

Finance management

An application that provides support for financial management in the organization, streamlining processes such as the circulation of documents and financial information, cash flow analysis, budget management, contractor invoice review and approval process, reporting and much more.

Business Management

Knowledge and procedures base

An application that allows you to collect and manage all content - the knowledge accumulated in the organization from one central place, providing unlimited access to the necessary materials.

Business Management

Fleet Management

A tool that allows you to effectively manage the fleet vehicles in your organization - register vehicles, book, control the technical condition, and register events (e.g. breakdown, crash, accident or service).

Digital compliance

Comprehensive tool for Compliance management in the organization that allows you to manage personal data (GDPR), contracts, information processing security (ISMS) and support vertical and horizontal controlling, etc.

Digital compliance

Contract management

An application that allows you to fully automate and control the area of ​​contract management while ensuring full transparency of processes related to the contract management (e.g. creation and negotiation) throughout the entire period of its validity.

Digital compliance


A safe channel for whistleblowers enabling anonymous reporting of irregularities in the organization, aimed at early detection of malpractices and elimination of unethical behavior of employees or board.

Digital compliance


Application for comprehensive and safe management of personal data, that allows you to adapt activities to GDPR, automate key processes and prepare for a possible inspection of the Personal Data Protection Office.

Business Management

Personal organizer

A solution enables quick and effective work time planning and effective task management, thanks to an individual approach to information management - using PIM objects.

Business Management

Project management

A system for planning both simple tasks and managing complex marketing, commercial, HR and all other projects. It allows you to effectively monitor the progress, blockers and risks in the projects.

Business Management

Business Travel Management

IT system that allows you to effectively manage business trips in an organization. Planning, accounting, work and travel time reporting, sharing of billed business trips, OCR and much more...

Business Management

Service desk

A ticketing system (ITS), which is a single point of contact between the service provider and the users, designed for managing incidents and service requests and handling communication with the users.

FMCG and Retail

A set of applications that allow you to digitize unique commercial, marketing, production and other processes for companies from the FMCG, production and retail sectors.

FMCG and Retail

Product lifecycle management

An application that supports the processes of creating a product from the moment of concept preparation, through its development, to market launch and possible withdrawal.

Why Productive24?

Any business IT software can be built with the aid of our platform. Productive24 is a perfect tool to not only fill digitization gaps that both larger and smaller companies encounter but also to map unique business processes. Moreover, the solution will be perfect for companies with processes scattered across different tools (ERP + email + excel + …).

Productive24 successfully complements any large core systems in demanding areas, where traditional systems are not flexible enough or simply too expensive to be adjusted to a changing company’s needs.

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