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    Improve mental health and wellbeing in your organization!

Wellbeing for the on-site, hybrid, and remote work

In the age of remote work, many companies face problems with low employee satisfaction and commitment. Therefore, it is crucial to introduce a culture based on the digital balance and to provide support for employees at all levels.

The employee wellbeing application built on the Productive24 platform allows you to not only effectively bring comfort to the workplace, but also measure and increase both satisfaction and motivation. This will therefore translate into an increase in the general level of effectiveness.

84% of respondents considered the problem of improving employee satisfaction as important.


More and more organizations identified the need for improving mental and physical well-being of their employees. Studies indicate that there is a direct correlation between productivity level and broadly defined employee well-being, which is currently one of the strongest assets of a good workplace that attracts many talented candidates.

Karolina Karwowska
Managing Partner Dream Employer Hub,
Employee experience and engagement platform expert

System functions

  • Cafeteria system / Benefits management

    • Ready proposals of available benefits in one place.
    • Selecting benefits by the employees themselves.
    • Creating and submitting online requests.
    • Managing the entire cafeteria system from a single, central place.
    • Providing Total Rewards Statement (TRS).
  • Kudos

    • Giving praise for a certain achievement.
    • Board view (e.g. timeline) visible to either the entire organization or a selected team.
    • Awarding points that can be exchanged for a certain prize in accordance with the adopted cafeteria system.
    • Providing employee recognition statistics – awards and prizes.
    • Creating a summary of given kudos during the offboarding process.
  • Surveys, tests and quizzes

    • Survey, test, and quiz maker. Measuring employee satisfaction, engagement, motivation, etc. Improving competencies and verifying knowledge.
    • Different types of surveys/tests/quizzes are available for users e.g. closed questions, open questions, with images etc.
    • Random selection of questions from a question pool. Returning incorrectly answered questions back to the pool.
    • Assigning point values to each question. Selecting answer types (text, multiple choice etc.).
    • Test statistics – passed, failed, the number of attempts, the best score, percentage of tests completed, progress bar. Verification of each test/survey result.
    • Management functions – verification of progress, an overview of employee performance (available to supervisors).
  • Group work

    • Document collaboration in accordance with the permissions granted.
    • Built-in internal chat improving communication thanks to both direct messages or group chats, available on WEB and native mobile apps.
    • Advanced, multichannel notification and reminder system, improving daily communications and operations.
    • The complex comments section enables effective group work and reduces the number of e-mails.
    • Publishing internal announcements.
    • Idea backlog and brainstorms.
  • Corporate events

    • Planning corporate events such as team-building workshops, seminars, Christmas parties, etc.
    • Booking necessary resources, arranging meetings, and distributing roles or tasks.
    • Publishing announcements and notifying users about selected events.
    • Managing the process of ordering and purchasing to ensure full control over expenditures.
    • Reporting the expenses incurred in the project. Cost accounting.

The power of Productive24 ecosystem

The employee wellbeing platform built in Productive24 is a key solution supporting employees during their entire journey in the company. Both small technological improvements that automate daily tasks and duties, as well as dedicated tools such as benefits management or employee surveys, significantly improve the work experience. As the solution is cross-departmental it can be easily combined with other applications used in a company e.g. OKR, Digital personal organizer, Digital Workplace platform, etc.

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Create your own, custom solution which will fully reflect all your business processes.

Custom Software Development

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