• Performance appraisal software

    Comprehensive employee evaluation with big-picture feedback

Periodic employee performance appraisal and employee experience

Periodic employee evaluation is not only a successful way to measure effectiveness. It is, first of all, an important indicator for the organization in which direction our employees should develop. Thanks to this, the HR department can accurately identify the strengths and weaknesses of the employee, and thus better develop his competencies, and increase job satisfaction, which will translate into an increase in involvement.

The application that supports employee evaluation, built on the Productive24 platform, is a comprehensive tool that allows not only to plan and effectively conduct assessments of an employee’s performance but also to collect the necessary data in the system so as to quickly and effectively share feedback with employees.

Measurement is the first step companies must take before they can implement meaningful actions to improve engagement.


Productive24 was the only solution that was capable of fully mapping our unique processes in terms of conducting employee performance appraisals as well as linking them with achieving the goals of Provident.

Beata Bardoni
Social Dialogue Manager,
Provident Polska

Sample system functions

  • Workflow

    • Customized workflow of the process – determining the stages, range of data set, duration, notifications, escalations, etc.
    • Information about the status of performance appraisal linked with dynamically granted The results may be shared with an employee only after they have been accepted by the superior.
    • Assigning performance appraisal to a selected stage of other processes, e.g., the evaluation may be linked with an employee’s onboarding process.
    • Data anonymization – access to the results of conducted performance appraisal is granted only to selected users.
  • Templates and criteria

    • Creating flexible performance appraisal templates and the possibility to manage them in accordance with the permissions granted.
    • Customized evaluation criteria, e.g., only to a selected position, in accordance with the competency profile assigned to that position.
    • Assigning points for the individual competencies.
    • Allocating weights to the selected criteria.
  • Competency profiles

    • Competency grouping – creating a set of corporate competencies (universal) and specialized competencies for a selected position.
    • Formulating different evaluation criteria of the same competency depending on the occupied position.
    • Creating job positions based on the adopted set of competencies.
    • Obligatory assessment – marking selected competencies as compulsory or optional on the evaluation form.
    • Verifying the competency assessment by the leader before sharing the results with employees.
    • Talent pool – creating a competency database of hired employees, which may be helpful for conducting internal recruitment processes in the future.
  • Goals and tasks

    • Setting individual or group goals (OKR).
    • Goals grouping.
    • Shifting the goals between employees.
    • Measuring the achievement of employees’ goals and tasks.
    • Cascading objectives downwards (OKR).
  • Appraisal cycles

    • Creating and managing appraisal cycles for employees or job groups.
    • Determining the frequency of performance appraisal (quarterly review, semiannual review, annual review, etc.).
    • Access to the details of all appraisals and their results in accordance with the permissions granted (e.g., based on the job structure).
    • Setting the time and the duration of each appraisal cycle – blocking the form edition after a certain date.
    • Sending notifications and setting reminders to fill out the evaluation form during a given cycle.
    • Evaluation surveys.
  • Feedback

    • Providing valuable feedback about the progress for both employees and their leaders.
    • Clear and easy-to-interpret result presentation, including main results and their indicators (percentage).
    • Benchmarking – comparing individual results to both other employees and to benchmark.
    • Keeping a record of all performance appraisal (current and archived) results, available only for authorized users.
    • Access to all employee competency assessment results from both e-files and employee profile levels.
    • Automatic reminders to provide feedback.
  • Statistics and reports

    • Reports with average results of the performance appraisal or competency evaluation.
    • Benchmarking – comparing individual results to both other employees and to benchmark.
    • Competency breakdown summary reports for the leaders.
    • Presenting the outcome of performance appraisal to the selected employee within the agreed scope. Complete anonymity and data security.
    • Possibility to browse data both online and offline, as well as to export it for further analysis.

Improve employee experience with a remote periodic employee evaluation

The changes from the pandemic have significantly influenced many processes related to employee development. Due to those changes, many companies have decided to switch to remote or hybrid work. Thus, the performance appraisal as an integral part of employee development had to be conducted in a new form.

How to effectively conduct them in a new reality to quickly and efficiently share feedback with employees?

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