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    Complex quality audit with end-to-end product testing

Deliver high-quality products and monitor their technical condition

The Productive24 application is a tool that comprehensively oversees the quality control of products and components. It mainly supports the production, technical, quality and service departments in testing and certifying. Moreover, it contributes to the time optimization and timeliness of the required periodic inspections.

The Productive24 solution has given us a leading position in the sector in terms of  transparency in quality control.



Zbigniew Kozmian
CEO, Radius Flow Control – AEON
Radius Systems Ltd.

Systems functions

  • Creating templates

    • Flexible parameterization allows for creating unique templates of components according to needs of the organization or industry specifics.
    • Hierarchy of components within the template provides order and quick navigation.
    • Defining and managing custom categories with the option of filtering.
    • Full-text search (text prediction) in the form of smart replies facilitates the work and eliminates manual data entry.
  • Inventory of resources

    • Central database of resources with different characteristics as a single coherent system.
    • Registration of finished goods with a list of their components.
    • Quick identification of internal (produced by the company) and external (purchased directly from the manufacturers) resources.
    • GPS that allows to mark location of the machines or their components with Google Maps view.
  • Testing

    • Set of test parameters (type of test program, technical information, test time).
    • Defining the expected test results and comparing them with obtained ones that allows to determine if the tests were successfully completed.
    • Tracking the time of measurements.
    • Test workflow that allows to define test paths (main test composed of partial ones – obligatory and optional).
  • Certification

    • Store of external certificates store (purchased components) and internal (in-house manufacturing).
    • Assigning certificates to tests that require it and marking those that do not require the certification.
    • Automatic generation of internal certificates after testing the components and getting positive results – information about conducted tests are included in a certificate.
    • Downloading certificates as a PDF file.
  • Monitoring of works

    • Information about employees responsible for testing the products or components (e.g. detailed list of tests carried out by a given employee).
    • Notification system informing about new tests to be carried out (e-mail, push and system notifications).
    • Automatic reminder of the technical review deadlines, including technical data and name of employee responsible for that.
    • Product grouping by status with graphical view (color-coded statuses, e.g. completed tests marked with green color).
    • Automatic test generation based on components data allows to avoid expensive human errors.
    • Transparent and freely defined statuses (e.g. tests to be carried out, tests with certificates).
  • Information flow

    • Granting additional rights to external stakeholders (contractors) – access to essential information without need to phone or e-mail contact.
    • The comments section successfully replacing e-mail communication, with its ability to share comments anywhere in the system and save discussions contextually.
    • Management of QR code templates that allows getting information by a single scan operation.
    • Online and offline data access (essential especially for  for field workers).
    • Built-in chat that enables one-to-one conversations and group discussions.
  • Statistics and reports

    • Quality control statistics, e.g. number of all tests, successful and failed tests, number of certified products or components.
    • Visual presentation of data e.g. pie charts, bar charts, etc.
    • Individual reports generated in the basis of any data.
    • Data export to the PDF, XLS, CSV file.

Quality 4.0 is among the many developments that are giving rise to the “factory of the future,” in which digitally enhanced plant structures and processes increase productivity and flexibility in the factory and throughout the supply chain. Digital technologies can help improve quality in various ways.

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The Productive24 technology provides tools to build platforms for comprehensive organizational management quickly. The primary strength of Productive24 is its flexibility, which enables the creation of business applications for various departments in the company: from manufacturing to HR. What’s more, thanks to the modular design, all Productive24 apps can combine, permeate and influence each other to create one comprehensive business application ecosystem. The quality control software will perfectly match the following solutions:

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