• Knowledge base software

    Manage organizational knowledge base and protect your know-how

Central source of information and procedures for the entire organization

The Productive24 Knowledge Base is an IT solution that allows you to build, categorize and manage the entire know-how of the organization. The application automates the process of creating and storing collected knowledge. The solution enables systematizing the company’s content and saving the time necessary to search for information.

Thanks to the advanced data access management system, Productive24 allows users to view only the materials for which they are authorized. The built-in notification system informs about all changes in published documents, ensuring a constant flow of information and access to always up-to-date knowledge.

Our knowledge Base software ensures:

Knowledge management remains one of the three key factors contributing to the success of a company.


System functions

  • Authorization management

    • Granting authorizations in accordance with organizational structure, based on business roles or dynamically.
    • Possibility to provide the confirmation that an employee has read a certain document.
    • Approval and changes to the documents can be made by authorized users only.
    • Document versioning.
    • Automatic notifications after certain actions are performed, e.g. when changes are made to the article.
    • Creating authorization groups – authorizations and permissions are organized in groups.
    • Parametrization is based on selected properties and an authorization system.
  • Table of contents (TOC)

    • Automatically created table of contents to facilitate the process of searching for information to which the user has required access rights.
    • Categories with the possibility to expand/collapse its content (view available articles).
    • Searching for the exact phrase in the table of contents.
    • Filtering by tags.
    • Adding new categories or articles from the level of the table of contents.
  • Articles

    • The list of selected articles with their attachments.
    • Related article list – displaying the articles related to the article the user is viewing.
    • Adding articles to favorites and creating a tree view of selected positions.
    • Filtering and sorting articles.
    • Automatically estimated reading time.
    • History of changes with the list of users who have viewed the latest version of the article.
    • The preview of groups with access permission.
    • Adding optional conditions such as confirmation of reading. The users are obligated to confirm that they have read selected articles, and the administrators must verify if all users provided the necessary confirmation.
    • Possibility to link directly to articles posted in the knowledge base.
  • Categories and subcategories

    • Adding new categories directly to the list of categories.
    • Searching, sorting, and filtering by categories.
    • Defining individual parameters for each category.
    • Granting specified authorizations to edit the category.
    • Automatic notifications after a certain action is done, e.g., adding/editing articles within a new category.
    • Adding observers and acceptors.
  • Tags

    • Editable tag list.
    • Adding various translations to a selected tag (edit mode).
    • Customizing tags with colors.
    • Adding any number of tag keywords.
    • Searching, filtering, and sorting the tags.
  • Productivity tools

    • Advanced, multichannel notification and reminders system (e.g., notifying about the materials obligatory to familiarize with, newly added materials etc.).
    • Adding new personalized reminders, e.g., to finish reading a particular document.
    • The advanced comments section, which can be placed under any article in the system to ensure structured discussion focused on an issue related to specific material, and to reduce unnecessary e-mail communication to a minimum.
    • Adding important or interesting materials (articles, tags, categories) to favorites in order to find them quickly in the future or recommend them to other users.
    •  Build-in internal chat for creating individual conversations or group chats, including thematic ones (e.g., created contextually for a selected article). Saving chat history.

Improve employee journey with an effective knowledge management system!

Knowledge is a key element at every stage of an employee’s journey in the company. Creating a comprehensive knowledge base will ensure that every process runs smoothly – from recruitment to onboarding (delivering necessary training materials), to learning and development (understanding of products or services), to offboarding (safety procedures).

Productive24 is a modern tool that not only allows companies to collect and manage knowledge from one central location but also ensures unlimited access for all employees to educational materials improving their competencies, and in consequence the performance of the entire organization.

Create your own business application ecosystem!

Did you know that all the solutions built based on the Productive24 platform can combine, permeate and influence each other to create one comprehensive business application ecosystem?

To properly run any process in a company, it is necessary to know the relevant procedures, policies, or practices. Therefore, effective knowledge management became an integral part of each functional area in the organization.

A Productive24 knowledge base is a cross-functional tool for improving the work of all departments. The solution perfectly complements onboarding processes (training materials necessary to introduce new hires), CRM software (guidelines and best practices), compliance tools (including GDPR), or Service Desk (procedures for handling submitted tickets).

Discover new possibilities!