Digital employee onboarding at Agata S.A. retail chain

    Are you responsible for introducing new employees to the organization and you want to find out how to effectively improve this process? See how Agata S.A. store chain increased the onboarding efficiency by more than 65% thanks to the Productive24 platform!

About the project

Agata S.A. is a Polish store chain of 32 bix-box stores located both in big and medium cities across the country, offering a wide variety of furniture and interior design accessories. Agata sells its products through brick-and-mortar shops and e-commerce platforms. The portfolio includes furniture lines for the living room, bedroom, and dining room, and a wide selection of design products and accessories. It also provides access to a wide range of consultants and designers (www.agatameble.pl/about-us).

The company hires around 4000 employees. The continuous development of the company means that the store chain recruits and onboards hundreds of people every year. When there was need to automate this process, the company was looking for a flexible HRM platform that would allow to comprehensively manage onboarding processes– from A to Z. The network decided to choose Productive24, and as a result of implementing the solution, onboarding processes were optimized by more than 65%.

From the case study you will find out:

  • Why Agata S. A. has decided to choose the Productive24 onboarding platform among all the solutions available on the market?
  • How to effectively manage employee onboarding in large companies?
  • How to create a successful onboarding program?
  • How to design unique workflows that will map specific onboarding processes?
  • How to adequately control the handling of multiple onboarding processes implemented simultaneously?
  • What are the benefits of onboarding automation?
  • Why is it worth providing access to a digital knowledge base for the employees?
  • How to comprehensively manage and control key HR processes in a single tool?

Project KPIs:

onboarding processes

optimized by more than 65%

reduction in the labor intensity of

the process on the salon employees’ side

of respondents rate the usability

of the platform very well or well

In addition to the onboarding automation, the Productive24 platform provided us with access to other tools supporting various HR processes, such as a knowledge management application. These additional elements are an inevitable part of employee onboarding, however, they can also successfully support other processes and development initiatives of Agata S. A.

Sebastian Harupa
Deputy IT Director
Agata S.A.

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