Ready examples of the key AI prompts for HR professionals

    Do you work in the HR department, and you are wondering how to use AI to improve your daily duties? Download the e-book with about 140 ready-made prompts created especially for HR professionals! Discover the power of AI!

Using the artificial intelligence in the HR

The dynamics of today’s world require HR departments to constantly broaden their horizons. Such development must inevitably include the adaptation to the latest technological developments, i.e., artificial intelligence. The rapid growth of AI may revolutionize the HR area, thus it is worth keeping an eye on it and checking how artificial intelligence can support HR departments in duties – both repetitive ones – necessary for the proper implementation of processes and the more creative ones, e.g. related to building engagement or creating HR strategies.

To effectively carry out tasks supported by AI, it is necessary to use properly constructed commands, i.e., prompts. Research conducted by MIT shows that well-designed prompts can speed up the writing process by 37% and improve the quality of work by up to 20% (!)

About the e-book “AI prompts for HR”

In the tutorial prepared by our team, you will find a database of around 140 prompts for daily use in HR so you can improve your performance at work. From the e-book you will learn, among others:

  • How to optimize HR processes using available AI tools?
  • What are introductory prompts and why to use them?
  • What are the best practices for creating prompts?
  • How to ensure the security of personal and sensitive data?
  • How to improve tasks related to individual HR processes – from recruitment to offboarding?

Boost your productivity now!

Download our e-book and use ready-made prompts designed to optimize the work of HR professionals.