Chief Operating Officer Summit 2020

24 June 2020
Jolanta Kozak
Chief Operating Officer Summit 2020
2 min.

Digitalization, automation, robotization, strategy implementation, team building – these are the watchwords of this year’s COO Summit organized by Puls Biznesu.

CHIEF OPERATING OFFICER SUMMIT 2020 conference is behind us. Małgorzata Rząd-Poźniak from Productive24 with her opening lecture started the conference devoted to modern technologies enabling optimization of operational management. She told the participants about how a CEO, COO, CFO or director of any department can digitize their organization.

During her speech, she presented a vision of the total digitization of business – a new way in which the digitization of processes does not have to involve far-reaching compromises on the technologies used and the level of digitization of organizations achieved.

During this year’s edition of the CHIEF OPERATING OFFICER SUMMIT conference, the speakers discussed among others:

  • How to prepare and execute a company strategy?
  • Data analysis and key COO decisions.
  • Digitalization, automation, and robotization of business processes.
  • How to effectively lead a team through the turbulent time?
  • How to maintain efficiency and clarity of thinking despite time pressure and stress?
  • Employees in the focus of attention for the operational departments.

We highly encourage you to read the report from the first edition of COO Summit that took place last year.

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