Gartner: Top technology trends and worldwide IT spending in 2021

Jolanta Kozak
Gartner: Top technology trends and worldwide IT spending in 2021
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Last year was very tough for many companies around the globe as they needed to face a new challenge i.e. pandemic. It seems like it was a huge opportunity for the IT industry. Well not necessarily.

According to Gartner, worldwide IT spending in 2020 declined by 3.2% due to the fact the company owners wanted to avoid the risk and were investing only in technology and services that were prioritized during that time.

New social norms, remote working, and education caused the unprecedented speed of digital transformation, which has abated the pandemic’s negative effect on the IT sector (according to Gartner). The forecasts are optimistic, as most of them assume that IT spending will grow back again in 2021 by 8.8% due to the fast-developing environment of remote working. The second-highest growth will be noticed by the device segment (around 8%) as most of the public authorities decided to continue remote learning, which increases the demand for devices for students such as laptops and tablets.  The COVID-19 pandemic will cause some permanent changes in the world of work. Thus, companies that want to remain on the market will be forced (according to Gartner) to accelerate digital business transformation by at least five years and permanently adopt remote work. We can expect a return to 2019 IT spending in a few years.*

2021 Technology Trends according to Gartner

According to Gartner’s report, there are 9 key technology trends that shouldn’t be missed in 2021, these are:

  • Internet of Behaviors (IoB).
  • Total Experience.
  • Privacy-enhancing computation.
  • Distributed cloud.
  • Anywhere operations.
  • Cybersecurity mesh.
  • Intelligent composable business.
  • AI engineering.
  • Hyperautomation.

These trends were grouped into 3 main themes: people centricity, location independence, and resilient delivery. The first theme called people centricity is focused on the idea that people (including employees) are still at the center of all organizational activities and to properly function in today’s environment they need digitized processes. The location independence, however, states that COVID-19 changed the way we function – affecting our employees, clients, suppliers, and the entire organizational ecosystem. Location independence requires appropriate technology to be introduced in order to handle new ways of functioning and leading the company. Resilient delivery is associated with the company’s ability to quickly respond to changing environments under all circumstances (pandemic, recession). Organizations that are ready to change and adapt will survive all types of disruptions.

Productive24 fits into the latest technology trends

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Productive24 provides tremendous technological and business agility

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You will find more about the technology trends on Gartner website.

*The detailed analysis of IT spending was presented by Gartner during the webinar: IT Spending Forecast, 4Q20 Update: Recovery in 2021 but Recovered in 2022.