Productive24 at AEON International – video case study

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Productive24 at AEON International – video case study
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Aeon International deployed a customized IT system based on Productive24 platform. ‘’The solution provided by Productive24 gave us a leading position in the industry”- Zbigniew Koźmian, the CEO of Radius Flow Control – AEON at Radius Systems Ltd.

Radius Group is a British group of global reach that manufactures innovative systems dedicated mainly to the transmission of gas and water, as well is a leading manufacturer of polyethene pipes. AEON International produces fittings for gas, water and fire protection within the Radius Group. The company operates in various locations including England, Poland, the United Arab Emirates and China and reaches its customers virtually all over the world.

Project Description

Gas transmission imposes a number of additional requirements related to the tracking and recording of quality control at virtually all stages of production and maintenance. As the field of AEON’s activity has grown, access to the data it collects has become more difficult over the years. Therefore, the need to improve processes related to whole product life cycle management, the device certification and its audits at the instllation site became crucial.

The solution gave us a leading position in the industry in terms of transparency in quality control - Zbigniew Koźmian, CEO of Radius Flow Control - AEON at Radius Systems Ltd.


The solution to the problem was to implement a dedicated IT system built on the Productive24 platform. The process of creating a dedicated solution was quick and effective (the configuration took about 30 working days) and I was almost entirely based on the cooperation on the ‘’business-to-business” line. The system was built without involving the team of programmers. It was created from scratch by only one business analyst from Productive24. All specific functionalities, for both the computers and the mobile devices, were created by the platform’s algorithms. The whole implementation process was conducted remotely. The solution delivered by Productive24 operates in the cloud and encompasses not only AEON International, but also the company’s subsuppliers, implementation partners and customers. All changes and modifications suggested by Aeon were implemented on the fly, without affecting the project’s budget.

To find out why Aeon chose Productive24, see the video below:

Productive24 at Aeon International (Radius Systems Group) – video case study

The unique business process in Productive24

“We are glad that we have managed to meet the unique business requirements of AEON and our system has been well-received by users in all countries. The ability to create customized IT systems which meet the individual needs, is one of the many purposes of the Productive24 platform” – says Paweł Więsek, Business Development Manager at Productive24.

The most significant advantage of Productive24 is the fact that it allows to quickly build an ecosystem composed of any interconnected applications and modules supporting subsequent business processes. It significantly improves the transparency and effectiveness of all activities within the organization.

Business applications based on the Productive24 create a coherent ecosystem which supports group work (chat, comments section, notifications, workflow) and optimizes all business processes in the organization, such as Human Resources Management (HRM), Customer Relationship Management (CRM), marketing processes, project management, budgeting, Personal Data Management (GDPR), fleet management, resources management, documents generation and workflow, knowledge base (WIKI), requests and orders ticketing, e- trainings, e-registers, complaints handling and much, much more…

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