Whistleblowing software Protect your organisation by quickly detecting and eliminating unethical behaviors.

Give your internal and external users the confidence to report any suspected misconduct, ensure confidentiality and protect sensitive data. With Productive24 you can set up a secure and anonymous whistleblowing mechanism to effectively manage all reported cases, create the reports, conduct a risk analysis and create an ethical organizational culture.

About the solution

Whistleblower Productive24 is a system built on the basis of the Productive24 platform, which enables employees and third parties to anonymously report any concerns or misconduct in the organization in order to detect and solve them as early as possible and eliminate unethical behaviour.

Whistleblower Productive24 enables:

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    To comply with the Directive (EU) 2019/1937 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 23 October 2019 on the protection of persons who report breaches of Union law.

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    To immediately detect wrongdoing in the organization and protect the company from possible reputation damage and financial loss.

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    To protect Whistleblowers' privacy and submissions.

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    To create and encourage ethical organizational culture.

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    To minimize the risk of damaging the company's reputation and protect the company in the future.

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    To set up a secure and anonymous whistleblowing mechanism fully tailored to your needs.

Sample system functionalities

Reporting new cases

Possibility to report negligence both anonymously and openly.

  • Various secure reporting channels (web browser, mobile app etc.)
  • A flexible form ready to collect any information about your application and add necessary attachments.
  • Easily editable and fully customizable lists of categories and a catalog of violations.
  • Managing given cases adjusted to assigned parameters e.g. category (priority, time to verify and take action, etc. ).

Case processing

Case management in compliance with the Code of Conduct and Internal Policies.

  • Individual paths of processing given cases in accordance with their categories and with their predefined processes while ensuring Whistleblower anonymity and protecting sensitive data.
  • Processing the cases in compliance with the organizational structure and permissions granted.
  • Notifications created automatically for all stakeholders while adding new cases and updating their statuses.
  • Adding observers to the case.
  • Escalation path.

The record of cases

Keeping a record of all cases reported in the organization.

  • A list of current and archived cases.
  • Parameters such as the category, priority, status, time to response, time to close, time to resolution as well as the person responsible, visible for users.
  • Easy sorting, filtering and searching for items on a list.
  • Full control. Only authorized people may have access to Whistleblower messages.

Advanced Authorization System

Thanks to a complex authorization structure, Productive24 allows for multi-level management of access to modules, views, documents or individual form fields.

  • The authorization may be granted and revoked dynamically (based on workflow logic), automatically (based on the organizational structure), or individually (manually by users).
  • The multi-level authorization system allows for secure and flexible access control.

Data Security and Audit Trail

Data is being stored securely and the system guarantees full transparency of its circulation and modification.

  • The system collects all information about changes made to the document (document versioning) including users and the exact date of modification.
  • The system also automatically collects all necessary information about the users who have read the case reported by the Whistleblower.
  • All drafts are automatically saved in a system to prevent data loss.

Comments and Discussions

A complex commenting module which enables to effectively exchange information.

  • All discussions and comments are contextually stored under the given case.
  • Inserting comments section anywhere in the system e.g. below documents, projects, tasks, applications, etc.
  • Conducting multi-threaded discussions with any number of nested replies.
  • Flexible system of notifications i.e. e-mail, push, system notifications, sent e. g. after a new comment has been posted, a response to our comment being added, or after a person being tagged.
  • An advanced text editor.

Notifications and Reminders

Advanced, multi-channel notification and reminder system which improves communication and work performance.

  • Notifications both automatically generated by the system or individually created by the user.
  • Notifications sent through an internal mailbox (contextually aggregated). Easy notification filtering (through category).
  • Sending e-mail notifications and generating PUSH notifications available on mobile platforms.
  • Possibility to add a reminder to any reported case e. g. in the form of a calendar event.

Reports and statistics

Presenting aggregated data in a dynamic way using many different graphic views.

  • Gantt Charts.
  • Taskboards (Kanban Board).
  • Tables and lists.
  • Charts (bar, line, pie etc.).

Online, offline, omnichannel

All Productive24 functions are available both in the WEB application (online, RWD technology) and in the form of native mobile applications for Android, iPhone and Windows 10, which work offline.

Business App Ecosystem

Each system built on the basis of the Productive24 platform can be easily combined with other solutions. Whistleblower Productive24 can be a standalone solution but it also can be a part of the Service Desk – a tool designed to manage incident and service requests.

Set a good example

“90% of respondents believe that the example from their superiors plays a key role in managing the risk associated with unethical behaviour and enables to create an ethical organization.”


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