Retail & Promotions Management Manage all of your unique cross-departmental processes more effectively

Product portfolio and Product Lifycycle Managament (PLM), Point of Sales Materials (POSM) management, Trade Promotions Management (TPM) and more – coordinate and automate the work of your cross-departmental teams (production, logistics, finance & controlling, sales & marketing etc.) and manage your key business processes more effectively.

About the solution

Manufacturing and Retail Productive24 is a set of business tools that play a significant role in supporting individual, custom business processes of manufacturing and retail companies and enables them to effectively coordinate the work of their teams from various departments and locations. Moreover, the system allows you to manage product lifecycle (PLM), product portfolio (PIM), point of sales materials (POSM), discount policy, complaints, promotional campaigns and budgets (TMP).

Manufacturing and Retail Productive24 enables:

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    To automate and strengthen the control and optimize key business processes of trade, manufacturing, marketing, and controlling departments.

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    To support the work of departments such as trade marketing, customer marketing and field marketing in terms of managing their POSM and their BTL advertising.

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    To streamline the processes associated with suppliers and business partners in terms of e.g. discount policies.

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    To manage budgeting processes comprehensively and flexibly, including budget creation, update and accounting.

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    To manage the product life cycle (PLM) - by defining workflow and acceptance paths for product creation and improvement processes.

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    To effectively manage product information (PIM) e.g. automatically write the product specification and manage its translations.

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    To plan promotions (TPM) and manage marketing calendars.

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    To manage product portfolio - dynamic creation of product catalogs.

Sample system functionalities

Trade Promotion Management (TPM)

A set of tools for planning, creating and monitoring all promotional campaigns.

  • Planning promotional activities.
  • Ongoing budget control.
  • The flexible and configurable acceptance process.
  • Monitoring the compliance of promotional campaigns with its aims and objectives.
  • Setting the details of the promotional campaign including duration, types of products, distribution time, POSM etc.
  • Changing the statuses of campaigns.
  • All promotional campaigns are visible on one calendar.
  • Advance filtering, sorting and searching for campaigns.

Product lifecycle management (PLM)

Supporting activities at each stage of the product lifecycle.

  • Supporting the process of product launch, from the initial stages such as designing the label, choosing the ingredients, translating labels, technology, marketing activities through package ordering, product display planning etc. to withdrawing the product from the market.
  • Authorization system allowing only selected elements of the stock card to be modified.
  • Set of roles and processes including launching/modifying/withdrawing the product, fully adjusted to the organization’s requirements.
  • Specification Product Information Cards Generator.
  • Tracking all changes and modifications in the process or product.

Managing Promotional Materials

Support of the sales process with the aid of planning and distributing marketing materials during promotional campaign creation.

  • Up to date records of all promotional materials.
  • Promotional materials assigned to a specific promotional campaign.
  • Adding all the necessary files and visualisation for exhibition stands.
  • Monitoring the quantity, delivery dates, orders, distributed materials, etc.
  • Managing the process in accordance with the company’s internal policy.
  • Advance filtering, searching, and sorting options.

Product Information Management (PIM)

Comprehensive product catalog management.

  • Keeping records of all available products. All information accessed from a single place.
  • Improving the information distribution process (multi-channel).
  • Product information management in accordance with granted permissions. Visible percentage of product information completeness.
  • Creating product structure (groups, categories, tags, etc. ).
  • Data versioning changes tracking and the possibility to bring back the previous version.
  • Calendar representing vital information about the product, such as launching date, withdrawal etc.

Budgeting and cost acceptance

Marketing budget management and cost management.

  • Any form of budget change requests, with a preview of history and forecasts.
  • Any budget structure, divided, e.g. by product line, lifecycle stages, categories, department, chain, store, region, expenditure category etc.
  • Document Revision History.
  • Catalog of contractors with an automatic update from the Central Statistical Office, immediate verification of taxpayer activity and whitelist accounts.
  • Escalation mechanisms according to the adopted path.

Reports and analysis

Creating sale campaign reports, promotional campaign reports and many others, e.g. associated with products or a distribution of components.

  • The analysis of the effectiveness of the promotional campaign.
  • Monitoring the effectiveness of used sales and marketing materials.
  • Evaluating KPI and goal achievement.
  • Collecting feedback, improving sales processes, offers etc.
  • Creating comprehensive reports and presenting the data in various ways, e.g. Gantt charts, taskboard, pie charts, line charts, bart charts etc.)

Communication Point

Comprehensive communication channel for users to communicate and collaborate easily.

  • Built-in chat, direct messages, and group chats.
  • Complex commentary system for effective group work.
  • Saving comments contextually, i.e. under the product, promotional campaign etc.
  • Advanced multi-channel notification and reminder system.
  • Conducting multi-threaded discussions with any number of nested replies.

Unlimited access to the app

Thanks to all Productive24 functions being available both in the WEB application (online, RWD technology) and in the form of native mobile applications for Android, iPhone, and Windows 10, you can access the app anytime and anywhere, both online and offline.

Business Apps Ecosystem

Each system built withe the Productive24 platform can be freely combined with other Productive24 solutions. The applications for manufacturing and retail can be easily linked to systems such as:

Organizational Management

Connected to the finance module – budgeting and expenditure control and to the EDF module – electronic document flow.

Digital Workplace

Advanced group work system, support for the communication process of sales and promotion teams.

Project Management

Sales campaigns and promotional campaigns as part of a larger project. Evaluation of the effectiveness of all actions in the context of a larger project.


Managing the contractor base and agreed terms and conditions of cooperation with the client. Determining margins, discounts, promotion history, etc.

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