Service Desk and Tickets Handle requests with the highest standards

Provide a flexible, multilanguage and scalable solution for your backoffice and Customer Service Representatives (CSRs) - easily create and categorize tickets, measure the time of incidents' handling. Automate and control your purchasing processes for services and goods and close requests quickly and effectively - manage it all from a single IT system, which can be also shared (in any scope) with your business partners. 

About the solution

Service Desk Productive24 is a ticketing system (ITS) built on the basis of the Productive24 platform, which is a single point of contact between the service provider and the users, designed for managing incidents and service requests and handling communication with the users.

Service Desk Productive24 enables:

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    To handle incoming tickets from employees, customers or external users.

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    To measure the NPS and collect customer feedback.

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    To create any reports on processed incidents or service requests as well as to measure KPI.

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    To automate and control the purchasing process.

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    To provide support for both an IT department and Helpdesk in the process of incident management as well as to control SLA compliance.

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    To standardize the processes of handling service requests and add created procedures to the existing knowledgebase.

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    To improve the communication process and notify users (via e-mail, system, or PUSH) about changes in their request status on daily basis.

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    To adjust the solution to the individual needs of the organization.

Sample system functionalities:

Creating Service Requests

Dealing with incoming inquiries for various departments, e.g. IT department.

  • Customized application forms.
  • Detailed description included in the request.
  • Defining category, subject, type, and priority of incoming tickets. Identifying connections and associations with given applications and contracts.
  • Tracking ticket fulfillment progress.
  • Automatic categorization and assigning tickets to the right employees.
  • Possibility to add observers.
  • Various forms of attachments (.png, .jpg, .pdf etc.).
  • Ensuring SLA compliance.

Service Requests Management

Handling incoming requests and incidents on a daily basis.

  • Automatic prioritization and setting a time necessary to solve the ticket, all in accordance with the SLA. 
  • Monitoring and optimizing the effectiveness of the incident management process.
  • Reporting the time spent on solving a given ticket.
  • Status changes visible for the selected users.
  • Automatic notifications for all users assigned to the process.
  • An optional questionnaire for assessing the quality of service provided.

Reports and statistics

Presenting aggregated data in a dynamic way using many different graphic views.

  • Creating reports on the service requests including, e.q. the time needed to resolve a given ticket, number of tickets per employee, or customer feedback.
  • Data visualization, e.g. pie charts, bar charts, line charts, Gantt, taskboard etc.


Digital Archives. A single place to store all service requests and incidents.

  • Keeping a record of all requests together with the information about their statuses.
  • Sorting requests by given parameters, such as type, category, time to resolution etc.
  • Advanced filters, e.g. administrative requests, IT requests etc.


If ticket execution involves an additional purchase, e.g. services or spare parts, the system provides full control over expenses in the organization.

  • Planning and managing requests and orders for the organization’s internal/external services, fixed assets, and other office equipment.
  • Managing the list of services and goods available for particular groups of users.
  • Different types of requests and orders, setting the priorities and deadlines.
  • Automation of the order acceptance process based on given parameters, e.g. purchase value, applicant type, etc.

Online, offline, omnichannel

Thanks to all Productive24 functions being available both in the WEB application (online, RWD technology) and in the form of native mobile applications for Android, iPhone, and Windows 10, which work offline the app can be accessed from any place at any time.

Business App Ecosystem

Each system built on the basis of the Productive24 platform can be easily combined with other solutions. The Service Desk Productive24 system can be linked to systems such as:


Share the knowledge (e.g. best practises) with other team members and make references to existing articles during ticket processing.


Clients registered in the company CRM base can easily report any incidents and create requests.

Personal Organizer

Service requests or reported incidents in the form of a ticket assigned to the executors will appear as a task in their personal calendar.

Organizational Management

Monitoring employee requests related to the fleet, equipment, user accounts etc. What’s more, reporting time to resolution, time to close, time to respond and all additional costs.

Contract Management

Parameters defined in the agreement automatically appear in a newly created service request.


Anonymously reporting issues in the organization related to fraud, harassment, theft etc.


The onboarding process for the employees from the Service Desk department, i.e. quizzes, various forms of tests etc.

Business Trips

If the request requires a business trip all documents associated with that trip (costs etc.) are assigned to that request.

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