Workflow Tool - a customized B2B platform for Leroy Merlin and its 1,000 suppliers

    Are you responsible for managing a wide range of products and large datasets? Or maybe you deal with expanding and reshaping your product portfolio? If so, learn how to quickly and effectively automate these processes and reduce time-to-market!

About the project

Leroy Merlin is one of the largest DIY retail groups in Europe. The company sells construction materials, finishing materials, and interior decorations for both individual clients and professionals. Polish division employs more than 13 000 employees, operates in more than 70 large-format stores, and serves around 41 million clients annually (www.leroymerlin.pl).

With tens of thousands of products in its portfolio, the chain faced the challenge of automating the process of updating its assortment and streamlining new product launches. Therefore, they have chosen the Productive24 platform to build a new, customized B2B platform for its 1,000 suppliers.

As a result of the implementation, the company has reduced the time-to-market by over 50%. What’s more, the communication between certain actors in a process was significantly improved by among others eliminating more than 180 000 manually send e-mails per year.

Learn about:

  • How to comprehensively manage and control the entire go-to-market process in a single IT solution?
  • How to improve communication and data exchange with suppliers and speed up time-to-market?
  • How to dynamically adapt the workflow of the process to any changes while ensuring business continuity?
  • How to effectively control a wide range of products and product information?
  • Change management: how to introduce a new IT solution in a large company smoothly and how to communicate the change?

Main KPIs:

elimination of the manual dispatch

of at least 180,000 e-mails per year

increased efficiency of the

product launch process

business processes continuity

The implementation of Productive24 has increased the standardization of our data and enhanced the product launch process. The automation provided by Productive24 also applied to our suppliers and allowed us to achieve full transparency and control of the process.”

Adam Szmidt
Senior Manager of Digital Supply Chain & Product
Leroy Merlin

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