Manage your projects with Productive24

Plan your kick-off

Plan meetings and create new tasks. Strengthen cooperation and invite your team to joint meetings where you will discuss the details of the project together.

Create new projects

Determine the scope of the project, its timeframe, and selected participants. Assign a project to a selected portfolio, program or a specific customer from the CRM database.

Manage your projects

Add new tasks, assign roles in the project, report your working time, add expenditures, add blockers, and assess the risk. Constantly monitor the effectiveness of the project.

Let’s visualize!

Use Kanban Board, create new Gantt charts and graphs. Identify connections, determine the order of tasks and plan the critical path.

Use various methodologies

Combine various project management methodologies applied in your organization in one central tool!

Measure the effectiveness

Track project expenses, control the time needed to accomplish the project, set and measure any KPIs, analyze risk, and identify blockers. Calculate and evaluate ROI.