Project Management Software Track progress and the effectiveness of all projects in your organization

From simple task planning to complex project management - increase the effectiveness of any project in your organization. Try out the Productive24 platform and find out how easily you can monitor progress, blockers and risks in your projects.

About the solution

Project Management Productive24 is a flexible system built on the basis of the Productive24 platform, which enables you to automate and centralize the process of managing projects in your organization.

A unique feature of the solution is the possibility to incorporate: tasks, key elements of the process, or even the entire processes, in a given project, which are created in other systems developed in Productive24.

Much more than a typical Project Management system

In Productive24 all projects and processes can easily interweave. A separate business object from another application with its own logic and its own decision path can be a stage or a task set for the project.

Task statuses are automatically updated after being modified in another application. It all happens automatically, without unnecessary manual work, which provides a high level of automation of cross-departmental processes as well as improves the management of the organization on many levels.

You will get:

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    Full automation of project management processes in your organization.

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    A digital workplace supporting the group work with a modern communication channel.

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    Continuous improvements of the internal project environment as well as better relations with the external environment.

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    Easy tracking of project progress, constant monitoring of all risks and blockers for the project.

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    Improved accountability and enforceability of all tasks. Moreover, higher responsibility for task completion among the team.

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    Full visibility and control of all your projects achieved by combining the Project Management system with other systems build on the basis of Productive24 platform.

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    Valuable support for the company's board and PMO in managing project portfolio.

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    A flexible system adjusted to your needs, with a possible development and further modification.

Sample system functionalities


Effective communication within project teams. Control over the information flow within the organization.

  • Built-in communicator.
  • Announcements, discussions and brainstorming.
  • Well-designed comment section with all social media features.
  • Advanced notification system.
  • Document versioning (visibility of changes made).
  • Sharing the best project management practices in the knowledge base (WIKI).

Planning and managing projects

Successful project implementation, thanks to advanced planning, coordinating and controlling.

  • Planning and creating new portfolios, programs, and single projects.
  • Setting objectives, conducting a risk assessment, and determining blockers in projects.
  • Project lifecycle management.
  • Service-Level Agreement (SLA)
  • Implementing various management methodologies.
  • Resource planning – identifying resources necessary for successful project implementation.

Portfolio management

Arranging, grouping and immediate access to selected issues, projects and programs.

  • Creating and assigning projects to selected portfolios.
  • Possibility to manage multiple projects at the same time.
  • Quick and in-depth insight into the project status.
  • Evaluation, selection, and allocation of resources according to the project hierarchy.
  • Data import and export.
  • Monitoring budget assigned to a given product portfolio.

Task management

Simple project task creation and distribution. Constant monitoring of current progress.

  • Adding new issues (tasks). Optionally after the permission is granted by the acceptor (e. g. Product Owner).
  • Assigning roles in projects and delegating duties.
  • Creating various types of tasks.
  • Service desk task management.
  • Automatic notification of assigned tasks exceeded deadlines or changes made to the project.

Reporting time and expenditures for a project

Assessing the effectiveness of the project by controlling the expenditures and reported working time necessary to accomplish the project.

  • Reporting the expenses incurred during the project.
  • Estimating the time needed to accomplish certain tasks in the project.
  • Reporting the time spent on particular issues and on removing the blockers.
  • Providing an accounting of each stage of the project (acceptance protocol).
  • Comparing the estimated task time to the actual time spent on that task.

Risk assessment and blockers evaluation

Conducting risk analysis and determining the main blockers in the project.

  • Adding blockers to selected projects.
  • Reporting the time spent on removing blockers.
  • Keeping a record of risks in projects.
  • Assessing both the probability of certain risk occurrence and the extent to which it may affect the project.

Gantt Charts and Taskboard

Planning and managing projects with the use of Gantt charts and task boards (Kanban).

  • Simple task adding to the Gantt Chart and Kanban Table.
  • Identification and the analysis of links between certain tasks in the project (Gantt).
  • Setting the order of tasks and determining the critical paths.
  • Visualization of tasks divided by stages.
  • Simple task management on Kanban Board with the use of the drag&drop method.

Project Records

Keeping an up-to-date record of all projects.

  • Status update.
  • Percentage of completion.
  • Assigned owner and sponsor.
  • The program and portfolio to which the project belongs are visible for the user.
  • Filtering, sorting and searching for certain items on the project list.

The solution provided by Productive24 has significantly improved our procedures, ensured the security and transparency of data, and most importantly enabled to manage all processes within a single IT system.
Robert Żyśko
Deputy Head for strategy, academic and smart city
In the Department of Strategy and Entrepreneurship
Lublin City Office

Manage your projects with Productive24

Plan your kick-off

Plan meetings and create new tasks. Strengthen cooperation and invite your team to joint meetings where you will discuss the details of the project together.

Create new projects

Determine the scope of the project, its timeframe, and selected participants. Assign a project to a selected portfolio, program or a specific customer from the CRM database.

Manage your projects

Add new tasks, assign roles in the project, report your working time, add expenditures, add blockers, and assess the risk. Constantly monitor the effectiveness of the project.

Let’s visualize!

Use Kanban Board, create new Gantt charts and graphs. Identify connections, determine the order of tasks and plan the critical path.

Use various methodologies

Combine various project management methodologies applied in your organization in one central tool!

Measure the effectiveness

Track project expenses, control the time needed to accomplish the project, set and measure any KPIs, analyze risk, and identify blockers. Calculate and evaluate ROI.

Online, offline, omnichannel

All Productive24 functions are available both in the WEB application (online, RWD technology) and in the form of native mobile applications for Android, iPhone and Windows 10, which work offline.

Business Apps Ecosystem


Each system built on the basis of the Productive24 platform can be easily combined with other solutions. The project management system can be linked to systems such as:

Business Trips

If the business trip is linked to a project, it affects its overall costs (on-going ROI control).


Selected projects can be assigned to a specific client from the CRM database (project portfolio per client).

Organizational Management

Improved process of flow of documents related to the project and allocated budget.


The best practices and procedures about project management available in one knowledge database.

Service Desk

Managing all requests that are necessary to accomplish particular project.

Contract Management

The improved process of generating documents related to project implementation (acceptance protocol).

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