Transfer applications and processes from Lotus Notes to a new-generation


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With Productive24...

...within a few days we can build an application which, in terms of functionality, will be equivalent to those built with Lotus Notes or create new, fully customizable IT solutions for your organization or department.

Productive24 platform allows building sophisticated IT systems by business analysts – without programmers. It's a set of tools that enable fast creation of highly sophisticated IT systems for organizations of all sizes and from different industries.


What does the transfer process look like?

Step 1

Contact us and discuss the details of your current solution in Lotus Notes.

Our configuration specialists will prepare a demo of the system (or of its components). The configuration you receive is usually a full-value IT system which, after customization to the specific needs of your department, might as well be a final solution.

Step 2

Test a ready-to-use system. Any changes can be introduced on the fly - check “on a living organism” if they meet your expectations.

Step 3

Online, offline, omnichannel

All applications built with the Productive24 platform are available both on WEB (online, RWD technology), as well as native mobile applications for Android, iPhone and Windows 10 which operate offline.

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What do you gain?

A coherent platform, with the unified interface for all Lotus Notes databases and other solutions.

An ecosystem of ready-to-use modules (choose from a list of complete modules and functions or adjust them to your needs).

The support of dedicated business analysts and configuration specialists from Productive24.

A system developed in the latest technologies, without the need to possess Lotus Notes programming skills.

A solution available in the cloud, without engaging the IT department or managing the Domino server.

Access to the system from wherever you are - through a Web application, Windows 10 and native mobile apps.

Cooperation with an IT provider of proven reliability with implementations in over 80 countries around the world.

And much more...

Try it out at no risk!

Contact our analyst, test the system in action and decide if it meets your expectations.

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