GDPR software Ensure a safe personal data management process in your organization

Manage personal data in a safe and responsible way - adjust your procedures and automate your processes to become compliant with the GDPR regulations. Be calm and well prepared in the event of DPO inspection.

About the solution

GDPR Productive24 is an IT system built on the basis of the Productive24 platform, which allows you to safely and effectively manage processing personal data in the organization.

With the aid of GDPR Productive24 you will be able to:

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    Manage personal data in accordance with General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

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    Precisely monitor and control all processes associated with personal data management in the company.

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    Provide the records of activities associated with the processing of personal data.

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    Optimize the process of searching for various documents in regards to personal data access management.

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    Constantly monitor expiry dates of previously granted rights to process the personal data.

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    Generate dedicated reports and data sets.

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    Efficiently identify and report any personal data breaches.

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    Conduct a risk analysis to minimize certain risks.

Sample system functionalities

Data recording and control

Recording personal data in a single system to ensure appropriate control over the data (data administration).

  • Interactive dashboard containing the most important information.

  • A list of personal data.

  • Filling system (candidates, contractors etc.).

Authorization management

Supporting the process of authorization management, consent management, and subject management in accordance with the GDPR guidelines.


  • Granting authorization to process personal data.

  • Data subject management (rights and requests).

  • Consent management.

Risk management

Automation of the risk management process, including its estimation and analysis as well as impact assessment.


  • Data breach registry.

  • Risk analysis.

  • Risk matrix.


Updating all registers on a daily basis, including a preview of all activities and operations on personal data.


  • Records of processing activities.

  • Records of all categories of processing activities.

  • The register of granted access to personal data.

Online, offline, omnichannel

All GDPR Productive24 functions are available both in the WEB application (online, RWD technology) and in the form of native mobile applications for Android, iPhone, and Windows 10, which work offline.

GDPR Productive24 allows you to:

Gather all data in one place, and ensure its smooth flow.

Develop new policy to optimize personal data management process.

Provide all necessary forms and documents.

Record processing activities, consents, authorizations, and breaches.

Productive24 Ecosystem

The unique value of Productive24 platform is its ability to fully map any business processes executed in different departments and combine them all in one, coherent system.

The set of business applications built based on the Productive24 platform provides a comprehensive solution for managing the entire organization and flexibly adapts to its changing needs.


As the solution is built on the Productive24 platform, the system is flexible and can be quickly modified and adjusted according to specific needs, changes in the law, or a new interpretation of the rules.

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