Digital Workplace Platform Find a new way to support your teams and create unique digital workplace

Documents sharing (according to the permissions granted), build-in communicator, advanced comments section, social media features, notifications, announcements, discussions, brainstorming, remote access, and much more... - use the rich functionality of Productive24 to create a digital workplace and increase your team's performance.

About the solution

Digital Workplace is a set of business applications built on the basis of the Productive24 platform. It supports and automates the process of communication and teamwork in the organization. Productive24 creates a digital workplace and allows you to maintain business continuity and work wherever you want, i.e. in the office, at home, in the field etc.

With Digital Workplace Productive24 you can:

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    Quickly and easily communicate with the entire team anytime and anywhere.

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    Support group work and increase its effectiveness.

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    Ensure the right process of knowledge sharing (including work results) between your employees.

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    Create an effective notification system and ensure that users receive all necessary information at all times.

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    Support remote working by creating a digital workplace and provide access to important data both online and offline - from anywhere and from any device.

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    Expand and modify system components to map all processes in the organization adequately.

Sample system functionalities

Document Collaboration

Collaborating on various parts of the document, in accordance with granted permission.

  • The risk of overwriting is eliminated thanks to the special algorithms.
  • Thanks to an extensive system of granting authorizations and notifications, Productive24 allows different people to complete tasks in given processes and work on selected parts of the same document or process.
  • Users have access only to authorized parts of documents. If the preparation of a part of a document requires completing a certain task, after the task being completed (e. g. calculations, data verification, etc.) users will be automatically notified.

Embedded chat

A modern communication channel for users. Direct conversations and dedicated group chats available both in the WEB application (online, RWD technology) and in the form of native mobile applications.

  • Built-in communicator with the possibility of creating individual conversations and group chats (“rooms”), including thematic ones (created contextually for given projects, tasks, requirements etc.).
  • History of communication saved contextually.
  • Setting availability statuses e.g. online, away, busy, invisible.
  • Quoting, tagging users, and adding various attachments.
  • Emoji, likes and other social media elements available.
  • Starting conversation from the organizational structure level.

Comments Section

Complex commenting system, supporting effective group work and significantly decreasing the number of e-mails sent.

  • Inserting comments section anywhere in the system e.g. below documents, projects, tasks, applications, etc.
  • Conducting multi-threaded discussions with any number of nested replies.
  • Flexible notification system (e-mail, push, system notifications), sent, e.g. when a new comment is written, when a reply to our comment appears or when a particular person is tagged.
  • Complex text and image editor. Possibility to add and play video files right in the comments section.
  • Adding and playing video files directly in the comments section.


Advanced, multi-channel notification and reminder system which improves communication and work performance.

  • Notifications both generated automatically by the system or created individually by the user.
  • Notifications sent through an internal mailbox (contextually aggregated). Easy notification filtering (through category).
  • Sending e-mail notifications and generating PUSH notifications available on mobile platforms.
  • Notifications with calendar events.

Announcements, discussions and brainstorms

Modules designed for easy and quick communication between certain groups of employees.

  • Sharing announcements addressed to either all users or selected groups. 
  • Access to the visit statistics under each advertisement. Multi-channel notifications for users with the request to read to content.
  • Mandatory approval before the publication of the advertisement (in accordance with the adopted decision path)
  • The backlog of ideas: collecting ideas and voting for the best one.

Calendars and main activities of team members

Activity calendar. Planning one-time or cyclical tasks both personal or for other team members.

  • Monitoring the activity using different views i.e. daily, weekly, or monthly, grouped or as an agenda.
  • Automatically generated notifications after creating new activities or modifying existing ones.
  • Possibility of adding own multi-channel reminders to a given activity.
  • Employee calendars being visible for supervisors according to the company’s structure and hierarchy.

Meeting scheduling

Effective planning and scheduling internal and external meetings (without making several phone calls or sending dozens of e-mails with necessary updates).

  • Accessing and comparing employee calendars in order to check their availability and schedule meetings.
  • Booking a meeting venue – supported by the conference room booking module. The system will display currently available rooms, sent notifications to the reception (with the information about the host, guest, number of participants etc.).
  • Creating events and sending invitations to all participants.
  • Various calendar views available to users.


Presenting aggregated data in a dynamic way using many different graphic views.

  • Gantt Charts.
  • Taskboards (Kanban Board).
  • Tables and lists.
  • Charts (bar, line, pie etc.).

Thanks to Productive24 we can access our data anytime and anywhere, also offline which significantly improved the process of communication and cooperation in our team.
Katarzyna Bochanysz
HR Project Team Recruitment Leader
ARRA Group

Main benefits

Support for multiple communication channels

Employer engagement and employer branding

Effective flow of information

Increased efficiency of main processes

Online, offline, omnichannel

All Productive24 functions are available both in the WEB application (online, RWD technology) and in the form of native mobile applications for Android, iPhone and Windows 10, which work offline.

Business App Ecosystem

Each system built on the basis of the Productive24 platform can be easily combined with other solutions. The Digital Workplace system is a cross-functional tool and can be easily combined with all other applications built on the basis of Productive24 e.g. Organizational Management, Project Management or HRM.

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