Contract Management All contracts and contractual obligations under your control

Records of current, expiring and archival agreements, contracts generator, multi-level authorizations features, templates management (flexible permissions management system, e.g. for creating of modifing templates), support for negotiating contractulal provisions, contractual obligations tracker and much more - ensure the transparency and automation of processes to gain full control over all of your contracts.

About the solution

Contract Management Productive24 is a system built on the basis of the Productive24 platform, which allows you to automate and fully control the area of contract management. 

The solution guarantees full transparency of processes related to the drawing up and negotiating contracts, as well as – thanks to the obligations tracking it ensures that the contract is adequately managed during its entire duration.

With Contract Management Productive24 you will gain:

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    Automation and centralization of processes of drawing up different types of contracts and related documents.

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    Full system control over contract parameters: no risk of unauthorized change of contract provisions.

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    Secure process of accessing contractors' data and sensitive trade data - in accordance with the authorizations granted.

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    Possibility of the constant development of the application to adjust it to the changing requirements.

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    Full process transparency and a complex audit trail, thanks to among others creating and managing contract templates.

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    Tracking contractual obligations with the possibility to automatically create tasks (including deadlines) and notifications, sent both to the project team and contractor.

Measure the profitability of entire contracts or its separate parts

Each system build on the basis of the Productive24 Platform can be easily combined with other systems and its components. Thanks to this functionality Contract Management Productive24 allows not only to control the contract provisions, its terms and conditions but also to precisely measure the profitability of each agreement.

Sample system functionalities

Contract Templates

Storage of the company’s standardized contracts. Up-to-date, valid contract templates. The correctness of the document used by the employees controlled automatically by the system.

  • Template management- creating new templates for various forms of the contract.
  • Multi-level, flexible access permissions to edit specific parameters of templates or contractual provisions, e.g. to change the ranges of a given value – permissions granted according to the hierarchy in the organization or individually.
  • Complex control of the document lifecycle by providing a full audit trail and contract templates archives.
  • Comments and discussions (e. g. presenting arguments to support changes in a given contract template) conducted contextually – within a specific template.

Document generator

Automation and centralization of the process of generating contracts and their derivative documents, e. g. predefined attachments, acceptance protocols etc.

  • Contract Editor.
  • The document is automatically created after selecting a specific template or after filling up a dedicated form.
  • Notifications are sent to stakeholders when the document is ready and further verification is required.
  • Digital acceptance of a contract in the system, blocking the possibility of its further editing (in the case of e.g. an order contract, acceptance is equivalent to the conclusion of a contract).
  • Maintaining e-records of documents (ready to print out when necessary).

Centralized document repository

Shared storage space created to store and protect important files in single digital space.

  • Register of agreements in the organization, together with information on the physical location of the document.
  • Sorting, filtering and searching documents by title, keyword, type, contractor, expiry date etc.
  • Access to documents only by approved team members.

Tasks, tracking contractual obligations and ticketing system

Monitoring whether both parties follow the terms of the contract.

  • Reminders about contractual actions needed to be taken.
  • Generating notifications e. g. before the expiry of the contract.
  • Managing all requirements included in contract provisions – creating and assigning tasks to the employees in order to proceed with the contract.
  • Ticketing system for making requests for legal advice.
  • Tracking contractual obligations.

Online, offline, omnichannel

All Productive24 functions are available both in the WEB application (online, RWD technology) and in the form of native mobile applications for Android, iPhone and Windows 10, which work offline.

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